New Gallup Poll on Gun Control Stuns Democrat Pundits

Photo courtesy of Fox News.

Support for gun control in the United States is at its lowest level since 2014 according to a new Gallup poll.

Gallup is a nationally-known polling company. Each year they ask Americans if they support stricter gun laws.

Right after the Parkland shooting, support for more anti-2nd Amendment laws rose dramatically to a peak of 67%. However, since then, support for gun control has continued to decrease.

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The percentage of Americans who now support gun control has decreased to just 52%, the lowest level since 2014.

When it comes to the partisanship of gun control support, gun control favorability among Republicans has dropped slightly from a high of 36% in recent years to just 24% currently. Of course, 24% is way too high and some Republicans are likely in the wrong party. Democrats continue to support stricter laws with 91% of Democrats supporting more gun control according to the Gallup poll.

However, the “Independent” category saw a major shift with gun control support dropping dramatically in the last few years from a high of 64% to its current level of just 45%.

The Independent category is a huge swing and will be a major concern for Democrats heading into the 2022 election. In some battleground states, Independents often swing an election for one party.

If gun control advocates make a huge push to dismantle the 2nd Amendment in 2022, it could backfire significantly and help hand Republicans an even bigger victory than they are already expecting to get.

Perhaps the extremist liberals in this country should stop trying to defund the police and let radicals burn down American cities. Those two issues alone have caused even more Americans to begin carrying firearms and as a result, support for disarming citizens is decreasing.

Now is the time for gun owners to reach out to even more Americans who are realizing that you are your own best line of self-defense.

Whether you live in a deep red state like Wyoming or Idaho, or if you live in a blue state like New York or Washington, you likely know people who don’t understand the true meaning of the 2nd Amendment. Make an effort to reach out to them and educate them on why supporting gun control always ends in disaster.

You would be surprised at how many people we can win to our side with sound reason and logic.

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