Gun Confiscation Bill Clears Congressional Committee, Full House Vote Soon

There is likely no issue more pressing in the 2nd Amendment community than stopping Red Flag Gun Seizure bills.

In Congress, a new Red Flag Gun Seizure bill is moving quickly and will become law if gun owners don’t start pushing back right away! But, before we get to that, let’s discuss the facts and details surrounding the proposed legislation and the concept of Red Flag laws.

Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler from New York is a primary sponsor of H.R. 2377, a Red Flag Gun Seizure bill that just cleared the House Judiciary Committee by a vote of 24-18 on Wednesday.

Nadler’s bill seeks to do what most Red Flag bills do which is confiscate your firearms before you have ever been charged with a crime or convicted of a crime and they are gonna do it behind your back in an ex-parte hearing. And of course, people who may dislike you would have the ability to turn you in with very little “evidence”

H.R. 2377 has over 100 co-sponsors, all of them Democrats. However, gun owners should not take this bill lightly because bills similar to H.R. 2377 have gotten Republican support in the past and are likely to get support in the Senate if the bill makes it through the Democrat-controlled House.

Republicans have already helped pass Red Flag Gun Seizures in places like Indiana and Florida. Over 100 House Republicans caved and voted for Red Flag Gun Seizures against members of the U.S. military last month.

Establishment Republicans who support these anti-2nd Amendment bills claim that there will be “protections” in them to ensure Constitutional rights aren’t violated. But, what these Republicans won’t tell you is that even if they put in these phony “protections,” what’s to stop a future state legislature or Congress from removing them?

That’s why gun owners can’t let gun control advocates push their agenda through and stopping H.R. 2377 should be the top priority of the 2nd Amendment community.

Even though H.R. 2377 has made it through the House Judiciary Committee, gun owners can’t give up the fight now. The bill is now headed to a full vote in the House, and gun owners have to flood the Capitol with emails!

The American Firearms Association has an easy way for gun owners to contact their Congressmen by using the link here and telling them to oppose H.R. 2377!

Be sure to also sign the petition to oppose Nadler’s Red Flag Gun Seizure bill here.

The more we look forward to 2022, it is looking less and less likely that Democrats will maintain control over both chambers of Congress. Unfortunately, that means they are likely going to try and ram gun control through this year and next year.

Gun owners have to stay informed and stay active in the fight to protect the 2nd Amendment.

Does your Congressman support Red Flag Gun Seizures or are they opposing them with everything they have? Let us know in the comments below.