Chicago: 11 Dead, 50 Injured During Independence Day Holiday

Chicago is one of the deadliest places in the country, and that did not change for the Independence Day holiday.

According to WGN 9 in Chicago, 11 people were killed across the city, and 50 others were injured. Over 270 people have been shot and killed in the city so far, not including self-defense shootings.

Police say 8 people were shot in the Alba Homes complex, but all were expected to survive.

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In one home in another part of Chicago, two women and an 8-year-old boy were killed in a home when someone opened fire into the home. This is an all too common occurrence in Chicago.

What gun grabbers don’t want to talk about when it comes to deaths caused by firearms is that most of the murders are from gang-related violence. And many of the murders occur in blue cities, just like Chicago.

This type of news out of Chicago is not new and is not likely to go away anytime soon; however, 2023 saw a decline in murders, and the trend this year is for the murders to be lower than the really high numbers we saw during Covid.

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