Seattle Mayor Wants to Control 2nd Amendment

Original image from King 5.

Seattle’s new Mayor, Bruce Harrell, is wasting no time in pushing his radical-left agenda on a city that is already crumbling due to the socialist policies it has enacted for decades now.

Rather than reversing policies that have turned Seattle into a dumpsite and run businesses out of the state, Harrell wants to enact gun control to try and solve the city’s growing crime problem. Because as we all know, criminals just need one more gun control law, and then they’ll comply.

Harrell primarily wants the state legislature to overturn the state’s firearm preemption law.

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Destroying state preemption law is a top priority for many Democrat-controlled states and is even a hot-button issue in states like Idaho, where some cities are thumbing their nose at the law.

Overturning the preemption law would allow Harrell and the rest of his radical city council to dismantle the 2nd Amendment inside Seattle’s city limits completely. Banning the ability to carry a firearm in public would be a likely first step for the radicals, giving criminals free reign over Seattle citizens.

Preemption laws are crucial not only to protect against radical city governments from destroying the 2nd Amendment but are also intended to prevent a patchwork of laws from being enacted across a state. For example, you could be traveling from one city where you are not violating any law and suddenly find yourself turned into a criminal simply because you drive into another town where firearms are banned.

Harrell doesn’t really care about the current criminals he has now but instead wants to focus on making new ones out of law-abiding gun owners.

During a recent interview with the Seattle Times, Monisha Harrell, the mayor’s niece, and deputy mayor said,

I think that it’s then up to the cities to be able to have that conversation. But right now, cities can’t even have that conversation. That’s where we are looking for a little bit of relief.”

One of the ways they said they could ban firearms would be in a public park. The city tried to do this on its own but was struck down by the liberal Washington State Supreme Court in 2012.

Additionally, the Harrell administration supports a state bill targeting “ghost guns.”

Washingtonians have their work cut out for them, and gun owners can’t give up the fight there to stop gun control that has proven a significant battleground year after year.


  1. It must be mandatory in order to become a public servant… you must study to learn American history and you must know the Declaration Of Independance. Once you study and learn American history… then you must swear in to uphold and protect all Amendments of the Constitution.

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