Breaking: Georgia Gun Owners Demand Kemp, RINOS Deliver On Constitutional Carry Promises

Apparently, gun owners in Georgia have gotten fed up with lies and compromises from their RINO Governor Brian Kemp and his establishment friends in Atlanta.  After years in office, Kemp hasn’t delivered the Constitutional Carry bill that he promised gun owners before his election in his effort to get their votes.

Gun owners delivered Kemp and his pals their political victories, but they haven’t delivered on their promises.  

It’s clear that gun owners have decided that enough is enough.  To that end, the state’s largest and most powerful gun rights organization, Georgia Gun Owners, has directed its members to bombard their legislators with thousands of calls and emails demanding they pass Constitutional Carry!

They have made it clear to legislators that there will be a political reckoning at election time for any Republicans who don’t pass Constitutional Carry in 2022.    And it seems that Republican legislators in Atlanta are getting the message, as 28 Senators have co-sponsored the legislation.

Politicians hate that kind of political heat and pressure, but gun owners know it’s a vital tool because it often galvanizes the jelly-like spines of many legislators into something more sturdy and substantial – even if the effect is only temporary. 

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To make sure their point is clear, Georgia Gun Owners has announced a huge rally in Woodstock, Georgia, today.  It would seem they want to tell any legislators who were waiting for this all to ‘blow over’ that this isn’t a time to hope that nobody notices you trying to hide in the stairwell while braver men and women are charging towards the fight.

Their message to Republican legislators: Get on the right side of this bill and gun owners or get ready to find a new job at election time.   

We reached out to Aaron Dorr, Executive Director of Georgia Gun Owners, for comment.  He replied,

GGO members have fought like hell for Constitutional Carry for years, defeating Stacey Abrams and electing Brian Kemp after he promised gun owners he was pass this legislation into law. That was three years ago, and the clock has long since run out on gun owners’ patience. It’s time to deliver the goods or prepare to pay the political price in the upcoming primaries. GGO members don’t play like the NRA, and we will NOT kiss any politician’s backside based on their party affiliation alone.”

We’ll keep you posted on this monumental fight!

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