Black L.A. Residents Hurt Most by Gun Control Amid Surging Crime

Photo courtesy of L.A. Times.

For years gun owners have been warning that gun control would come back to bite those who were supporting it the most.

Now that crime is skyrocketing across the country, many Democrats are looking to the 2nd Amendment for protection. Many black Americans are doing everything they can to arm themselves as well.

The inner-cities have seen the largest spikes in crime and are almost all controlled by Democrats, many of whom are black.

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The problem is, the Democrats who control these large urban cities have pushed gun control on these poor communities who are now defenseless due to the anti-2nd Amendment laws. In particular, these citizens can’t carry a firearm because of the liberal policies still in place for many years now.

One such example is Los Angeles, where concealed carry permits are “may issue,” meaning some bureaucrat is going to decide whether or not you have a right to self-defense in public.

Sure, you can buy a gun and have it at home, but a lot of the crime occurs in public areas. In particular, carjackings and robberies have increased substantially, which means that many residents don’t have their guns with them because of L.A.’s anti-2nd Amendment laws.

Maj Toure, a famous black pro-2nd Amendment activist, recently told Fox News,

Gun control in this place called America was created to stop melanated beings from having the means to exercise their human right.

All of this stuff that you see right now is just that, ‘Oh, we’re wealthy, we can just go buy [guns]. But yet and still, the areas that have the most crime have the most restrictive gun laws.”

Toure is right, of course. Gun control was initially implemented by Democrat politicians decades ago as a racist measure to keep black Americans from exercising their right to keep and bear arms.

And still today, the policies are hurting the same people. Sadly, too many people in these cities keep voting for the same people who refuse to overturn the policies that are literally killing their citizens.

However, a policy change is unlikely, and another year of deadly crime will likely take place in L.A., except for maybe the wealthier areas where permits are more likely to be issued.

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