Op-Ed: Drone Shows Shouldn’t Replace Fireworks for Independence Day Celebrations

Fireworks photo from Melaleuca Fireworks Show. Drone photo from Sky Elements Drone Show.

Note: Op-eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of 2A Daily News, but in this case, it does since I’m the author.

There is a growing trend across the country, particularly in larger cities, where fireworks shows for celebrating Independence Day are replaced with drone shows, and we should not be doing it.

First, let me say that drones are awesome, and the shows they can put on also look really cool. But there’s a reason we shouldn’t accept them as a replacement for fireworks.

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You might think it’s just “tradition” as the reason for my opposition to the drone shows replacing fireworks, but it’s not. Of course, I love the tradition of fireworks, but my main reason for opposing the drone shows is that fireworks represent something special for our country.

Do you remember the words of the Star Spangled Banner?

How about the words “bombs bursting in air” and “rockets red glare?”

Do you remember what those words represent? They aren’t just random words that Francis Scott Key coined because they sounded good for a song.

Those words represent what Key witnessed firsthand as the British bombarded Fort McHenry with a massive naval fleet, trying to take down the American flag. As the flag would take direct hits, American patriots would lay down their lives to keep it upright.

Fireworks are a great reminder of what many fought and died for. From the bright displays representing bombs bursting in the air to the sounds they make when they explode, representing the sounds of the British cannons aimed at American troops stationed at Fort McHenry. The Brits failed to take the fort.

Fireworks are a great reminder of what so many fought and bled for during our fight for independence.

Yes, I understand the primary reasons that people cite for not liking fireworks: primarily pets and veterans with PTSD.

If you are prepared enough in advance, there are ways to mitigate the impact of the noises/flashes. And with veterans, be there for them and help them during the one night we celebrate our Independence a year.

I know a lot of veterans who also have PTSD and don’t want to ban fireworks. It cuts both ways.

Again, I’m not unsympathetic to those concerns, but replacing fireworks, which have some great symbolic meaning for us, with drone light shows, no matter how cool they look, is not a good solution.

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