3 Gun Groups File a Lawsuit Against California’s Guns & Ammo Tax

The Firearms Policy Coalition, Second Amendment Foundation, and the National Rifle Association have all filed a lawsuit to take down California’s 11% firearms and ammo tax, which went into effect just days ago.

FPC called California’s new gun tax unconstitutional, which it is. FPC President Brandon Combs blasted the new tax in a statement from the group’s website, saying, in part,

California’s unconstitutional and immoral gun tax is a modern Jim Crow law that targets people and rights hated by tyrants like Governor Gavin Newsom.

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Thankfully, the Constitution forbids California’s political warfare scheme. FPC and our allies are committed to restoring the right to keep and bear arms in California and throughout the United States.”


Taxing guns and ammo has been a new favorite trend from gun grabbers. “If we can’t ban items, we’ll make them too expensive.” That’s the goal of the anti-2nd Amendment crowd.

The gun grabbing crowd will stop at nothing to implement any form of gun control they can.

It would seem an open and shut case that a special tax like this on a fundamental and Constitutionally-protected right would be struck down in the court system.

Sadly, the case will be dealt with in the 9th Circuit, which means it will ultimately have to be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. That will take years unless the high court takes it up much sooner.

What do you think of California’s new tax on guns and ammo?

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