‘Assault Weapon’ Ban Introduced in Washington State, Repeal of Firearm Preemption

The gun grabbers in the state of Washington are at it again with another proposal for an assault weapons ban.

Senate Bill 5217 would ban over 60 different firearms in a similar piece of legislation to the one currently in place in Maryland. That law is still moving through the court system and may get a good review by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Gun grabbers in Washington have been trying for years to get an “assault weapon’s” ban into law, primarily being pushed by Attorney General Bob Ferguson. Still, the bill continues to fail, despite overwhelming control of the legislature by Democrats.

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Gun owners in the state have been fighting for years to prevent a ban from getting into law. The problem has been that more and more gun control is passing, despite keeping the ban at bay.

With Washington’s conservative gun owners fleeing the state in droves, it’s only a matter of time before the ban passes. Rather than deal with the insane gun control advocates, many Washingtonians are fleeing to neighboring Idaho, which has some of the best firearm laws in the country.

In addition to the proposed ban, some legislators are trying to change the state’s firearm preemption law.

Senate Bill 5568 would make significant changes to the firearm preemption law. This would set up a dangerous situation for gun owners who may unintentionally violate a city ordinance.

Liberal cities like Seattle have been trying for years to repeal or change the firearm preemption law to ban firearms in public places, like city parks.

Gun owners in Washington can’t give up and must continue to stop any gun control they can. But unfortunately, what happens in states like Washington can sometimes move into other purple or red states.

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