2,200 People Shot in Philadelphia in Another Democrat-controlled City

The city of Philadelphia is controlled by Mayor Jim Kenney, a Democrat, and a city council that is also Democrat-led.

As we previously reported, Philadelphia was one of twelve cities that broke homicide records this year. Not exactly a record you want to break going into 2022.

According to ABC 6, the city saw over 1,800 people shot and injured and approximately 475 killed.

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Of course, is Kenney going to look at the destructive policies of his city government? No. Is Kenney blaming policies that have destroyed the inner-city family or how communist-style education is being taught to the kids there? Not a chance.

Instead, Kenny blames guns as the problem, as most failed Democrat mayors do.

Back in November, at a press briefing, Kenney said it was hard to deal with the daily numbers of dead and shot. Here is what Kenney said,

It’s terrible to every morning to get up and have to go look at the numbers and then look at the news and see the stories. It’s just crazy and this needs to stop.”

The plans for stopping crime did not involve serious changes to city policy and helping the community.

Kenney instead wanted the state legislature to take action. Kenney is hoping for either his lawsuit against the state’s preemption law to be victorious or for the state legislature to change the firearm preemption law.

For those unaware of what firearm preemption law is, it prohibits local city and county governments from enacting their own firearm regulations that are stricter than what the state has in place.

Firearm preemption helps keep a patchwork of gun control laws from being enacted across a state. So, for example, if you are driving across Pennsylvania, you aren’t going through Clarion or Hollidaysburg, and you don’t have any firearm restrictions. Then you go to Philadelphia, and certain firearms are banned, and carrying is prohibited.

How many gun owners would end up in jail without a preemption law?

Democrats have been attacking firearm preemption law for years now. They see it as their best route to attacking the 2nd Amendment at the local level.

No matter what state you are in, make sure your local pro-2nd Amendment, no-compromise gun rights advocacy group like the Philadelphia Firearms Association is ready to stop any attack on your state firearm preemption law.

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