New York Gun Owner Shoots and Kills a Man Firing at Innocent People

Sometimes gun owners are in the right place at the right time.

That is what happened with a gun owner in Syracuse, New York who shot and killed a man that had opened fire on other citizens. The criminal, Demetrius Jackson, had a 9MM handgun and was pronounced dead at the scene according to news station LocalSYR.

Jackson was allegedly pointing the gun at several individuals and making threats at them when he decided to open fire on the individuals.

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That’s when a gun owner, who District Attorney William Fitzpatrick said owned the firearm legally, pulled out his own gun and returned fire, killing Jackson. Fitzpatrick also said that it is likely the gun owner saved multiple lives by having his own gun to defend himself.

Syracuse police say they are still investigating the incident. Additionally, police say they are investigating what may be retaliatory damage to property in the area and threats against the man who saved the lives of innocent people as well as the people in that vicinity who Jackson was shooting at.

It is unclear at this time if the man who shot Jackson will face any charges but it seems unlikely.


  1. That’s exactly what needed to happen.. self defense and protection of innocent people.. that’s the kind of people that that are heroes not to go to jail.. there doesn’t need to be any charges filed .. period..!!

  2. We have the right to protect ourselves and neighbors when necessary. I’m glad to know that we have people who are watchful and unafraid to take action!!!!!!

  3. Knowing NY, it would not surprise me if the good citizen gets slapped with manslaughter, in as much as NY is so anti gun. Hope he has a damn good lawyer. NYers are such a bunch of snowflakes.

    1. I agree with your comments about the State itself but not all the people. Upstate NY is as red on the map as any other red area of the country. It is only the cities and big metro areas that are commie blue. I am from one of those red areas which are geographically most of the state. Good counties have plenty of CCL holders and an active shooting and hunting culture.

  4. On a daily basis, there are more lives saved, more rapes stopped, more kidnappings prevented because someone had a legal firearm and acted in a responsible manner than the killings of the criminal element, but the criminal makes the headlines and the hero’s get crucified. What a sick system we have.

    1. Yup, He should lawyer up before making any statement. It is New York after all. The shooter would have simply gotten a ticket if he was arrested.

  5. God bless you ~ the only thing that stops a bad man with a gun ~ is a GOOD man with a gun —- YOUR A HERO ???‍♀️?

  6. There is probably some liberal dumb ass prosecutor looking for ways to charge the legal gun owner for something really stupid like discharging a firearm in the city or violating Demetrius Jackson’s rights. I am sure Jackson’s family will be all over the news telling everyone he was a good man and didn’t deserve to be killed. What a twisted socirty.

  7. I live in Syracuse and work less than a mile from where this happened. Very little of it made the news here once it was determined to be a defensive shooting, but the last indication was there would NOT be charges.

    Please keep in mind that Onomdaga County (Syracuse) is a long way from NYC, both in distance and politics – fortunately for the hero in this story. In fact, geographically, the vast majority of NY second ammendment. We are just under the rule of the masses to our south east.

  8. Had he not been there to help save lives a lot of lives would have been lost he shouldn’t be faced or they shouldn’t even think about facing him with any charges when he did the right thing that’s the problem with this country we should be able to protect others as well as ourselves when some crazy person wants to kill somebody and he was at the right place at the right time and I commend you for all the lives you saved and anyone that disagrees has a real problem so sick some medical attention for it

  9. Not sure how it works in NY, but where I live, you have to have a license to carry a firearm on your person. If you’re “licensed” to carry and have your firearm on you, you are required by law to use it for the defense of others if the occasion calls for it. I’d say this was absolutely one of those occasions.

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