Ohio Couple Kills Intruder

The firearm is the “great equalizer,” as gun owners will often tell you.

A firearm can stop even the biggest and strongest criminal in a home invasion or any other physical altercation. Likewise, the smallest and weakest person can stop that criminal.

In Toledo, Ohio, a couple was forced to defend themselves when an intruder tried to break into their home late at night, where children were also present.

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Police say, according to WTOL 11, that the man was shot multiple times as he tried to break into the home. Police also say that both the female and male occupants fired at the intruder.

After the man was shot, he stumbled into the yard, where he laid until medics arrived on the scene.

The man was transported to the hospital at the time with life-threatening injuries. Not long after he arrived at the hospital, the man died from his injuries.

Police say that the woman was taken in for questioning, but it was their standard procedure after someone uses a firearm, even in self-defense.


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