Good Guy With Gun Takes Out Violent Criminal During A Missouri Crime Spree

ST. CHARLES, Mo. – A criminal in the middle of a violent robbery spree was killed by a customer on a bathroom break just after 3 a.m. on Saturday, July 16th, at the QuikTrip at 2260 First Capitol Drive, according to the St. Lous Post-Dispatch reported

The unidentified 26-year-old St. Louis resident stopped at the QuikTrip to use the restroom and make a purchase, according to a press release by the St. Charles Police Department, the Post-Dispatch reported. While he was walking back to his vehicle, the customer told investigators that he saw a black SUV pull up directly in front of the doors of the QuikTrip, Fox 2 reported

“The witness saw the suspect who was carrying a backpack run into the QuikTrip and turn toward the coffee pot area where the 26-year-old female clerk was standing,” Fox 2 reported. “The suspect dragged the clerk toward the front counter while she was screaming. The witness saw the suspect holding a knife to her throat.”

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The customer then went to his car to retrieve his 9mm from his car and walked back into the store, where he confronted the robber, who was identified in the Post-Dispatch story as 26-year-old Lance M. Bush of St. Louis. Bush reached for his backpack while telling the customer, “I have something for you.” 

The customer fired several times, causing Bush to fall to the floor. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital, according to the Post-Dispatch. The SUV that Bush was driving was a black 2013 Toyota Highlander stolen in an armed robbery on July 15th in Maryland Heights. 

Both the customer and the QuikTrip employee were not injured. 

Fox 2 reported that Bush had already robbed two other convenience stores just before meeting his end at the QuikTrip. Before that, the Post-Dispatch reported that Bush had been in trouble with the law.  

“Bush’s criminal history includes a pending felony property damage charge in St. Louis County,” the Post-Dispatch reported. “Charges said Bush was a former employee of the Applebee’s restaurant at 11077 New Halls Ferry Road and that on March 30th, he began smashing several stacks of dishes and tossing frozen food when the restaurant’s manager told him his final paycheck wouldn’t be available for several days. Police said he caused an estimated $6,000 in damages.”

The Post-Dispatch also reported that Bush had citations in St. Charles municipal court, including driving on a revoked license, trespassing, stealing, and a larceny citation in St. Louis. 


In addition to another case of a good guy with a gun taking out a bad guy with a gun, we also note that this took place in the Show Me state of Missouri, whose citizens are blessed with leaders such as Attorney General Eric Schmitt.

As we reported to you earlier this week, Schmitt and Scotland County Sheriff Bryan Whitney both announced their intention not to cooperate with a scheduled FBI audit next month. Both Schmitt and Whitney cited their belief that the agency was using the audit to illegally obtain information on concealed carry permit holders in the state. 

With local magistrates serious about defending Second Amendment rights, good guys will be encouraged to carry everywhere, resulting in a safer public. 


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