Ohio Resident Shoots Burglar Dead In Botched Robbery

CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio- An unidentified resident shot and killed a burglar in a botched home invasion at about 11:38 p.m. Sunday at 10565 Thrailkill Road, in rural Pickaway County, southwest of Columbus, according to a sheriff’s office release posted on Facebook.
The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call informing them that a man had attempted to break into the house and was shot by the resident, according to 10 WBNS. Pickaway County Sheriff Matthew Hafey said that when deputies arrived at the residence, they
found a man dead in the home. The deceased’s name has not been released, and an investigation into the incident remains ongoing.


We love stories with happy endings.
This story is another example of why the Second Amendment exists and why it must be fought for by gun owners and organizations who will not compromise one iota. Not one inch of ground must be given on potential weapons bans, red flag laws, ghost gun laws, or anything else that Democrats and RINOs wish to target.

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  1. YOU are always the First Responder any time a criminal attempts to assault you. Are you prepared to respond appropriately and successfully?

  2. With spiraling crime due completely to the Marxist Democratic Crime Syndicate’s open borders, no bail release practice, and soft on crime policies, law-abiding citizens have a simple choice. Either choose to be armed and prepared to protect yourself, family, and property or chose to become a defenseless victim, who fails to be a responsible husband, parent, and citizen!!!!

  3. I wish more women would buy a handgun that fits them, no need for .44Mag, take lessons from a certified instructor put in range time. Get your conceal/carry permit and be prepared to defend you and yours. Ladies you can shoot through your purse if need be!

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