14-Year-Old Attacker Shot Dead After Attempted Robbery of Retired Sheriff’s Officer

CHICAGO – A 14-year-old boy who was shot while trying to rob a retired Cook County Sheriff officer last month died in the hospital from his injuries on May 4th. 

CBS Chicago reported that Corey Mason, 14, of Chicago, was part of a group of three robbers that accosted the 60-year-old retired officer at gunpoint while he was walking to his vehicle just after 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 28th in the 2800 block of West 66th Street. 

One woman who had just exited a bus coming home from work saw the robbery firsthand and told CBS News that the retired officer was taking his wallet and other items out of his pocket. 

“The man turned to shoot at him, and the sheriff got off a couple of rounds at him, and the next thing we know, the young man was laying on the ground,” the woman told CBS Chicago on April 28th.

“He notified to us that: ‘I’m a retired sheriff. Just don’t touch anything. Leave everything alone until the police come. My wife is calling the police.’ So he did identify himself as a retired sheriff.”

Mason was transferred to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he later died. CBS Chicago reported police arrested the two other suspects a few blocks away.

“We are told the retired officer was distraught after the shooting, but more upset once he saw how young the kid he shot in the head was,” CBS Chicago reported. 


We feel badly for this retired sheriff’s officer, who must feel terrible about what happened — even though he was in the right. 

This is the second story we have run in as many weeks involving 14-year-old boys who were shot while involved in committing a crime. While the 14-year-old burglar in Indianapolis survived, this Chicago armed robber did not. 

How many more gun law edicts passed from on high by the leftist administration of Mayor Lori Lightfoot would it have taken to stop this boy from committing such a serious crime?  

When we see our society is degenerating to the point where even very young teens are committing serious, violent crimes, then it’s no surprise to see more and more Americans carrying a weapon to protect themselves and their families.

More so, they need to be LOUD and INVOLVED at election time. This isn’t a time for RINOs. This is a time for legislators who won’t compromise one iota on our God-given 2nd Amendment rights. 


  1. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes…kid made a bad choice..cost his life..and sorry mom.or dad..he wasnt a good boy…Robbing people at 14? YOU DID NOT DO YOUR JOB…maybe if you’d have taught him better he’d still be alive..

  2. If a fourteen child had inadvertently found an unlocked firearm in a home and accidently injured/maimed/killed himself, society would hold the homeowner responsible for not securing the firearm properly. So why aren’t we holding the homeowner where this child resided responsible for allowing him to roam the streets with an unsecured firearm? Why isn’t that the topic of discussion here? Who is ultimately responsible for all of the lawless children running loose on our neighborhood streets? At one time we held parents responsible for the actions of their adolescent children… and it worked!!

  3. The irony for Lightfoot here is that, had it not been for a good guy (sheriff) with a gun, the story would have just read “another shooting happened in Chicago”, further proving the point that her gun control just doesn’t work in favor of law-abiding citizens.

  4. What do you expect? Lori Lightfoot is a democrat who believes no honest citizens should have guns. Just thugs and gangs should be allowed to carry.

  5. Prayers for the retired sheriff. I hope he can find peace and comfort in knowing he did the right thing in defending himself, as tragic as it was.

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