CNN’s Jim Acosta Agrees That Lack of Gun Control is Same as ‘Human Sacrifice’

Well, the gun grabbers and media are stooping to new lows in comparing Republicans who don’t want gun control to being supporters of “human sacrifice.”

Acosta had a liberal author, Kurt Andersen, on his program, and the two discussed the right’s “ongoing propaganda.” After that, Acosta wanted to expand on the topic some more.

First, according to Fox News, the two led into the firearm discussion by attacking the vaccine stance of so many Americans.

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Andersen first tried to compare the so-called parallels of anti-vaccine rhetoric to what happened in ancient cultures. Here is part of what Andersen said,

It often involves volunteers, it’s not just people forced to be sacrificed … There were volunteers and people were treated well and encouraged to go ahead and embrace death. At this point I have no doubt that historians in the future will see it that way.”

So, if you don’t want to take an experimental vaccine rushed through by the government, you embrace death?

Once they were done attacking people skeptical of the Covid-19 vaccine, they turned on the 2nd Amendment. You can only imagine where this went, because, after all, if you support the right to self-defense, you want to kill everyone, right?

Anderson told Acosta,

Perhaps, this revival of mass human sacrifice in the United States is just a passing thing that will go away but … on the other hand, the Republicans have, for years now, been doing a different kind of what is effectively mass human sacrifice in terms of gun deaths and eliminating all gun regulation.”

Acosta agreed with Andersen and instead said that people who support freedom by opposing gun control had “a maximalist view of freedom over lives.”

Do you know what didn’t come up in the interview with Anderson? The issue of abortion.

You want to talk about human sacrifice and the killing of innocent people; why don’t we discuss the millions and millions of babies that have been murdered because they were an “inconvenience” to someone’s life. No, abortion is okay to these lunatic leftists, but supporting the right to defend yourself is not okay.

And aside from the freedom to keep and bear arms, it is also impractical to impose gun control.

Criminals, terrorists, and tyrants support gun control. The criminals, in all their forms, will not be dissuaded by gun control laws.

Anderson and Acosta are just two left-wing anti-gun cultists who live in an elite world where everything is unicorns and rainbows, and no amount of logic will change their minds.

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