Boom! Constitutional Carry Clears Georgia Committee as Gun Grabbers Try to Stop It

Constitutional Carry is on the move in Georgia, which means, of course, the gun grabbers are mobilizing to try and stop it.

SB 319 would make Georgia the 22nd Constitutional Carry state. The fight to remove a requirement to get government permission to exercise a natural right has been waging for years.

Georgia is finally pushing hard to make it happen, but it certainly won’t become law without a fight from gun owners.

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And rest assured, if you are in a “red” or “purple” state, there is no easy fight. Even in Idaho, the battle to pass Constitutional Carry took years and hard work from gun owners because too many spineless Republicans were pushing back against the effort.

In Georgia, gun owners will face the same idiotic arguments against Constitutional Carry that have been previously brought up.

“More guns is bad!”
“No one will do training again!”
“Police will be in danger!”
“It’ll be the wild west all over again!”

Gun grabber and head of Moms Demanding Some Action, Shannon Watts, is already pushing her group to stop the SB 319. Additionally, the Georgia “Working Families Party” is also trying to stop the bill.

For law enforcement, you can expect some of the agencies to come out against the measure. However, the sheriff’s association said their members are split and have not taken an official position.

Remember, what the agencies say and put out as a stance is often different than the average officer on the ground.

Despite whatever arguments the liberals bring to try and stop SB 319, the debate is over when you ask them to show you where their doom and gloom scenarios have come true in other Constitutional Carry states. They can’t give you an answer because the fact is Constitutional Carry hasn’t done anything bad in the states that have passed it.

2nd Amendment Daily News reached out to Georgia Gun Owners’ Executive Director Aaron Dorr for comment on the effort to stop Constitutional Carry. Here is what Dorr told us,

Constitutional Carry has been blocked in Atlanta for years by weak moderates and the radical left.

Georgians are growing tired of the lies put forward by Bloomberg and his minions… and the inaction by our legislature.

It’s an election year, and gun owners intend to hold Gov. Kemp to the promise he made years ago that he would sign Constitutional Carry into law.”

Dorr is referring to a campaign promise Kemp made to Georgia Gun Owners during his gubernatorial run that he supported Constitutional Carry. However, weak Republicans in the Georgia legislature have kept a bill from getting to Kemp’s desk.

You can view the video of Dorr’s testimony at today’s Judiciary Committee hearing here (story continues below):

Is this finally the year that Georgia joins the ranks of Constitutional Carry states? Georgia gun owners are the key to making it happen, so be sure to follow GGO on their Facebook page and website to stay informed!

Constitutional Carry cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee and now heads to the Rules Committee.

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