San Jose Becomes 1st City to Require ‘Gun Liability Insurance’

San Jose has become the first city to pass an ordinance that requires gun owners to have liability insurance and pay a fee to the city.

It seems as though we have written about these Democrat-led violent cities repeatedly in the last few months. Unfortunately, these liberal metropolises have become a haven for crime with weak anti-crime policies.

Rather than targeting the real issues, elected officials have targeted the right to keep and bear arms by citizens who obey the law.

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Does the San Jose city council think that criminals will pay insurance or a fine to carry a firearm? Do these idiot Democrat politicians believe for one second that this is going to reduce crime?

The reality is this will INCREASE crime.

Professor John Lott has done extensive research and crime and the impact of gun control on it. Time and time again, he has shown that gun control makes crime worse.

In particular, Lott has shown that fewer good people carry with each increase in a carry permit requirement. The result of that is increasing crime.

With San Jose passing a requirement to now carry insurance and pay a fee, there will likely be a significant drop in good people carrying a firearm because they don’t want the burden of spending more money to do so.

This new ordinance is a welcome addition to your criminal endeavors if you are a criminal. Less good guys carrying a gun means less of a chance of you being shot.

This isn’t rocket science, and the citizens of San Jose are going to pay the price for this stupidity.

Gun owners in the state are likely to challenge the law. State firearm preemption laws should prohibit something like this, and of course, this is entirely unconstitutional anyway.

Even if you are in a “red” state, be on the lookout for your city trying something like this. Many of these liberal cities have been ignoring firearm preemption laws, and you better be ready to fight.


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