18.5 Million Gun Sold Last Year!

America, love it or leave we say.

Last year was a big year for gun owners as we bought another 18.5 million firearms. 2020 was the year when most firearms were sold.

The reality is that the baseline trend for firearm purchases continues to rise. Chaos in the United States is not letting up anytime soon meaning the trendline is likely to continue.

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Cities continue to defund their police departments, and police officers are quitting in droves in places like Portland and Minneapolis.

The riots of 20202 likely kicked off the massive firearm purchase as cities let fascists from BLM and Antifa run rampant. Billions of dollars in damage were done, and several murders occurred during the chaos.

With the riots calm for now, other issues such as Covid-19, overbearing government agents, and corrupt politicians, faith in government protection is waning, even with people on the left. As a result, why wouldn’t more people buy firearms?

Ironically, the liberals want the 2nd Amendment eradicated, but they can’t do that with the policies they are employing. When you create fear of viruses, crime, and everything else in life, you will turn people to the 2nd Amendment. People will naturally want to defend themselves from the fear that the media and government push on them.

Will 2022 be another record year for firearm purchases?

What do you think is driving the high amount of firearm purchases? Did we cover it pretty well, or do you have another theory?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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