Dumbest Anti-Gun Tweet of the Year?

For the most part, Twitter is a cesspool of lefties and lemmings who bow to the will of their government.

If you have spent any time on Twitter, you will know what we are talking about when we say some of the most idiotic people in the world reside there. But, sometimes, you find some anti-gun tweets that are truly mind-blowing.

So, with 2021 almost in the bag, what is the dumbest anti-gun tweet we have seen this year?

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There are certainly a lot of potential options, but we think this one takes the cake for the dumbest tweet from an account that has now been suspended, hopefully, because the stupidity was too much for even Twitter to handle:

Maybe this is parody? Who knows these days.

But if you take a look on Twitter, you’ll quickly realize there are plenty of stupid people like this, and the accounts are 100% real. So now, let’s get to the crux of the argument by Clara, if you can call it an argument.

Apparently, Clara has not been out of her house enough to realize that many things are banned which, surprise, are still used by criminals.

Drug prohibition, murder, theft, and thousands of other laws have been on the books for many years, and criminals don’t seem to care. That’s why we call them criminals.

If you ban guns, criminals aren’t going to hand them over, and even if you wanted to ban guns, there are far too many in the United States to ever get rid of them all. Additionally, what will stop the criminal enterprise from simply importing their firearms from Mexico or a South American country?

Heck, during my time in Iraq, the insurgents had no shortage of firearms and ammunition. They had plenty to find in their weapon caches.

This nut wants to try it in a country with far more firearms? Good luck with that.

Banning firearms won’t work in the U.S. and is unconstitutional anyway.

Did you find an anti-gun tweet that was dumber than this one? If so, let us know in the comments what it said.

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