2021 Accomplishments by Gun Owners!

Merry Christmas to all the readers of 2nd Amendment Daily News!

While the year is coming to an end soon, let’s review some of the outstanding accomplishments by gun owners. After all, without the incredible activism of the 2nd Amendment activists in this country, the liberals would have implemented communism years ago.

In no particular order of importance, here are some of your significant accomplishments:

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  1. Stopped Biden’s gun control plan cold.
    It could have been the year Democrats really got control rammed through Congress and that was a promise he had made to the gun-grabbing community. Well, that didn’t happen and that’s because of pressure from gun owners and especially those in the “Independent” voting block who are now likely to flip Congress to Republican control.
  2. Stopped the nomination of David Chipman.
    Radical anti-gun activist was Biden’s choice for leading the ATF which would have been beyond disasterous for gun owners. Well, after monumental pressure from gun owners, and even the lack of support among some Democrat lawmakers, Chipman’s nomination was destroyed.
  3. Constitutional Carry passes in 5 more states.
    This was a monumental year for Constitutional Carry which is exploding across the country. Iowa passed Constitutional Carry after a decades’ long push by Iowa Gun Owners. Montana upgraded their Constitutional Carry. Tennessee, Texas, and Utah also passed various versions of Constitutional Carry bringing the total to 21 states!
  4. More new gun owners than ever.
    Gun owners are expanding their base of support across the country. There are more and more new gun owners, including massive amounts of women and people of color who are now learning the importance of the 2nd Amendment.
  5. More gun owners active in the political process.
    Having Brandon as President has certainly motivated the base of gun owners becoming active in the fight to stop gun control. Additionally, with the rise in crime across the country, Americans don’t want their right and ability to defend themselves derailed by leftist politicians in either party.
  6. Gun owners send a message in Virginia.
    Speaking of gun owners becoming active, how about a monumental shift in momentum in Virginia?! Gun owners put Youngkin in office and also had massive gains in Virginia’s legislature just a few years after gun grabbers rammed numerous gun control bills into law.

While we are sure there are other victories in states across the country, these were some of the biggest victories we remember from 2021.

What other victories did you have in your state? Let us know in the comments below!

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