The Truth About Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Red Flag Gun Seizures

There is perhaps no other issue more concerning to gun owners than Red Flag Gun Seizures.

Sadly, Red Flag laws are not just an issue that Democrats are pushing. A few Republican lawmakers at the state and federal level are also pushing Red Flag laws.

Perhaps no Republican lawmaker has been at the center of the Red Flag Gun Seizure controversy more than Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw.

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The controversy with Crenshaw and Red Flag laws started in April of 2019 when he posted the following tweet:

But in the tweet, Crenshaw states his position by saying that we “must try” something to stop violent attackers. He says people should support his TAPS Act, for starters.

Crenshaw follows up his TAPS Act proposal by saying that maybe states could implement “red flag” laws and uses the gun control crowd’s Minority Report narrative of arresting people before a crime is ever committed.

After the tweet, Crenshaw received massive backlash on his tweet. However, rather than apologizing or backtracking on his stance, Crenshaw has lashed out at gun owners instead.

Crenshaw said that conservatives were “emotionally triggered” by Red Flag laws. Here is that video:

Rather than backing off his stance, Crenshaw doubled down on his support by Red Flag laws by stating that gun owners don’t realize that the version of Red Flag laws he supports is different than the version the left supports.

Here is part of what Crenshaw said in the video:

Clearly, when we say Red Flag laws, you guys stop listening. You can’t hear what we’re suggesting.”

However, since Crenshaw’s initial tweet and follow-up video, gun owners have confronted him publicly on several occasions over his support of Red Flag laws. Perhaps it is because there is no version that gun owners support?

Here is one gun owner confronting Crenshaw near a bus:

In this video, the gun owner tried to talk to Crenshaw about Red Flag laws, but Crenshaw tells the gun owner he is emotionally triggered.

Additionally, the gun owner asks Crenshaw why he supports Red Flag laws, to which Crenshaw replies, “I’ve never supported Red Flag laws.” This is an interesting statement by Crenshaw when in his video on Instagram, he outlines certain protections for due process that would need to be in place for a Red Flag law.

The gun owner from the bus video also says that Crenshaw told Joe Rogan that he supported Red Flag laws. Crenshaw’s staff quickly intervened, and the conversation was over.

So, what exactly did Crenshaw tell Joe Rogan about Red Flag laws? Here is that video:

In the video, Crenshaw states that Red Flag laws should be a conversation had at the state level and that they could “fill a gap” in information. This “gap” is something Crenshaw has repeated several times over the course of the last two years.

And it wasn’t just Joe Rogan that Crenshaw told that he supports Red Flag laws with certain conditions.

Crenshaw also told famed conservative Steven Crowder that he supports Red Flag laws. However, Crowder was clearly uneasy with the concept, and Crenshaw tried to lay out what protections would be necessary to support his version of Red Flag laws.

Here is Crenshaw on Crowder:

Again, Crenshaw expresses his support for Red Flag laws but insists that he supports a version that will not violate the U.S. Constitution and that they have to be “done right.”

It’s been over two years since Crenshaw’s initial tweet suggesting Red Flag laws might be a solution. Has anything changed since then?

Well, recently, 135 House Republicans voted in favor of the National Defense Authorization Act, which contained Red Flag Gun Seizures for military members.

Crenshaw was confronted once again publicly for not just talking about his support of Red Flag Gun Seizures but actually voted for them this time. Here is that video:

In this video, Crenshaw tries to deny that he ever supported Red Flag laws. However, the gun owners in the video did not let Crenshaw get away with his vote while he skipped out of the building as quickly as possible.

The truth is that Crenshaw did vote for the NDAA bill containing Red Flag provisions, and you can find those provisions on pages 293-297.

American Firearms Association President Chris Dorr told 2nd Amendment Daily News that Crenshaw is just one of too many Republicans trying to appease the gun control crowd.

Here is what Dorr told 2ADN specifically,

In the last few years now we’ve seen some of these dumb Republicans adopt stupid gun-control positions in the naive belief that they can somehow negotiate or appease the left into leaving us alone,” said Dorr.

RINO Republicans like Romney, Crenshaw, Rubio, and others who support any version of Red Flag laws are the reason our country is on the brink. There is no appeasing the left. There is no compromising with them. Gun owners know that, and they sure as hell won’t ever accept any version of Red Flag laws because it’s unconstitutional and totally un-American.”

Crenshaw is gaslighting gun owners by trying to convince you repeatedly that he doesn’t support Red Flag laws. But, sadly, the truth is not kind to Crenshaw.

Like Rubio, Crenshaw and other Republican lawmakers are trying to dream up a Red Flag law that conservatives can get behind because he believes they can create a version that will “protect due process.” There is no version of Red Flag laws that 99% of gun owners will support because the entire concept of Red Flag laws is to go around due process.

Red Flag laws are designed to be like Minority Report, which means that we punish people before a crime has been committed.

Even if a version of a Red Flag law could be made like Crenshaw wants, how long before those versions are carved away and eroded? How long before a judge, gun control advocates, or Republicans like Crenshaw suggest they need to loosen those restrictions?

All it will take is one more mass shooting or another crime and they will be asking for more loopholes to be added to the Red Flag law they endorsed initially. It is the proverbial camel’s nose in the tent and it’s why gun owners don’t want ANY version.

What do you think? Does Crenshaw support Red Flag laws or not?

Let us know your answer in the comments below!