Minneapolis Voters to Vote on Disbanding Police Department as Violence Surges

Photo: John Minchillo, AP

Last year, the Black Lives Matter movement held massive protests and riots across America in many major U.S. cities.

BLM and other radical leftists pushed for the defunding of police departments and, in some cases, the outright abolishment of police departments. And that’s precisely what they are trying to do in Minneapolis right now.

This November, Minneapolis residents will have a referendum on the ballot, which would disband the police department.

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The referendum states that the police department will be replaced with the “Department of Public Safety.” A priority will be for social workers to go and visit many of the calls that police officers currently take.

While the referendum states that there will still be licensed “peace officers” available, the main focus of the new department would be to use social workers instead.

The Minneapolis City Council has already cut the MPD’s budget. At the end of 2020, the city council cut $8 million directly from the police department and diverted the funds to mental health and violence prevention programs.

These cuts come despite a massive increase in violent crime, which is plaguing Minnesota and Minneapolis in particular right now.

Murders in Minnesota are up 58% in just one year. Is disbanding the police in Minneapolis going to make that go lower?

Gun owners in Minnesota should be prepared for the continued wave of violence to increase. 2nd Amendment Daily News spoke with Ben Dorr, the Executive Director for Minnesota Gun Rights, about the proposal to disband the Minneapolis Police Department.

Here is what Dorr told 2ADN,

The socialists in Minnesota insist on gun control and the defunding and disbanding of our police departments, then cry and demand protection when crime skyrockets! It’s time to stop being stupid, arm the good guys, and let the police do their damn jobs.”

Dorr blasted the leftists who continue to insist that gun control be shoved on Americans and want to demolish police departments.

For instance, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison supports the referendum to disband Minneanapolis’s police department. Ellison has also long been a supporter of gun control.

If the police do not exist and law-abiding gun owners are disarmed, who is left with all the firearms?

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  1. Well, truly, a socialist experiment in reality. I just hate to see the people of Minnesota suffer, as I’m sure they will…

  2. This policy is nothing more than what I believe to be a Marxist Socialist strategy to create Anarchy; which results in chaos ; which results in tyranny. when everything falls apart, people will sell there soul and there liberty for safety and security.

  3. These Marxist socialist or crazy as hell and I’m afraid for the future of America and my grandchildren’s future

  4. If its worth noting, the annual weather changes tend to decrease some types of crime. So if they want to do this & pad the numbers, winter is time to do so.

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