Man Dressed as ‘Ninja’ Attacks U.S. Special Forces in California

Photo courtesy of Yahoo News and Kern County Sheriff's Office

It isn’t feudal Japan, but the following bizarre story out of California might make you wonder what timeframe the following attack on U.S. Special Forces occurred.

According to Stars and Stripes, the attack occurred late at night several weeks ago at Inyokern Airport, approximately 100 miles north of Los Angeles.

A man dressed in the Ninja garb came upon a soldier who was smoking outside. The man allegedly asked the soldier if he knew who he was and where his family was, to which the soldier replied “no.”That’s when the man attacked the soldier with a katana (Japanese sword) and slashed him several times.

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The soldier fled the scene and eventually made it inside an administrative building and locked the doors where several other soldiers were present. According to an incident report posted online, the man in Ninja garb was banging on the doors and windows trying to get in.

Eventually, the man left for a few minutes and then returned to the building, where he threw a large piece of asphalt through a window and injured another soldier.

After police arrived, both injured soldiers had to go to the hospital to receive stitches. Both soldiers have since returned to duty.

The identity of the man who attacked the soldiers has not yet been identified. However, the police eventually found and arrested the alleged attacker.

You can see a copy of the incident report below that is circulating online.

Initially posted on Reddit.