The NRA’s Silence After Rittenhouse Verdict is Disturbing

The NRA has been silent since Kyle Rittenhouse was found “not guilty” on all five charges the jury had before them.

The verdict was a great victory for common sense, America, and the 2nd Amendment specifically. Gun owners across the country cheered as the verdict was read, and the jury tossed this political sham of a case.

Immediately after the verdict was read, 2nd Amendment Daily News watched various 2nd Amendment organizations and news sites to see who would celebrate this victory and who would sit silently by and say nothing.

The NRA is the largest supposedly “pro-2nd Amendment” organization in the country. So undoubtedly, they celebrated Kyle’s victory, right?

Except, the NRA didn’t post anything about Kyle’s verdict. The only thing in the aftermath of the verdict was a tweet and Facebook post with the words of the 2nd Amendment on it.

Was this just a random tweet? Or was the NRA hoping that people would somehow connect the dots that it was after the Rittenhouse verdict and that the tweet showed their support?

As a young man sat on the stand in a politically-charged trial, and where zero evidence existed the gun owner should have been on trial in the first place, this is the best the NRA could come up with?

The American Firearms Association, a hard-hitting, no compromise 2nd Amendmdnet organization posted this on their Facebook page right after the verdict:

The AFA posted videos, memes, and other information celebrating the great victory Rittenhouse’s verdict was for the 2nd Amendment as well.

In reality, the entire 2nd Amendment community celebrated Kyle’s verdict, except the NRA leadership.

It’s been several days since the Rittenhouse verdict, and the NRA still hasn’t posted anything in support. No statement has been released—no video from Wayne LaPierre heralding the victory as a clear case of self-defense.

Every single gun owner knew that this case was monumental. And yet, with this massive victory for the 2nd Amendment, the NRA doesn’t say a single word about the verdict? Why?

The NRA can try to claim all it wants that their post with the words of the 2nd Amendment showed their support for Kyle’s verdict, but reality paints a different picture.

Go look at the comments on the NRA’s Facebook page on the post they did after the verdict. Let us know what you see.

If you don’t have time to read through them, we’ll tell you that gun owners on the NRA’s Facebook page are having a discussion about the 2nd Amendment and its meaning and clearly did not see the post as support for Rittenhouse’s verdict.

Finally, I thought I would check the NRA’s website, just in case they only posted there for fear of being banned on social media if they said anything. Nothing was posted on their website either.

The NRA leadership showed once again who they are. They have no spine to stand up to the gun control crowd and instead continue to thumb their nose at the very people they claim to represent.

At this point, why are people still joining the NRA if they aren’t going to be there at the forefront like the American Firearms Association is going to be? You might consider joining the AFA and supporting a team of dedicated pro-2nd Amendment advocates who love fighting for the 2A and aren’t afraid to speak out about it.

Do you think the NRA should have made a strong statement after the verdict?

Let us know what you think in the comments!