Kyle Rittenhouse Found ‘Not Guilty’ of All Charges

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is over as the jury has acquitted Rittenhouse of all charges.

The trial lasted for several weeks with numerous witnesses and a plethora of video evidence reviewed by both the prosecution and the defense. Additionally, just prior to the jury beginning deliberation, a gun charge was thrown out by the judge, which some felt was the best chance the prosecution had at a charge that would stick.

Deliberation by the jury went into the fifth day before a verdict was reached, and Rittenhouse was cleared of all charges.

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Many political pundits felt that the prosecution did a very poor job of making its case against Rittenhouse. Of course, many also thought that the video evidence was rather damning to the prosecution’s case in the first place.

Now the primary concern heading into the verdict was the reaction of protesters outside of the courthouse. Supporters of Rittenhouse and opponents of Rittenhouse jarred at each other throughout the trial.

Rittenhouse broke down in tears as the final verdict was read.

The judge has said the jurors are welcome to talk to the media if they wish. The judge also told the jury that if there are any safety concerns that he could help address those concerns.

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