Eight Turncoat Republicans in Pennsylvania Side with Democrat Tom Wolf Against Constitutional Carry

Harrisburg, PA – In a move that came as no surprise to gun owners, Pennsylvania’s radical-left Democrat Governor Tom Wolf has said that he will veto Constitutional Carry after the Pennsylvania House sent the bill to his desk.

This came less than two weeks after Constitutional Carry passed the Pennsylvania House for the first time in history earlier in November. The bill passed on a margin of just 107-92 – despite the fact that there are 113 Republicans in the House.

That told us that several Republicans were either not there for one of the votes on this historic gun bill, or they had openly voted against expanding the rights of gun owners.

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Turns out they weren’t gone; they were there that night and voted and everything!  It’s just that they bought into the gun control crowd’s failed arguments against Constitutional Carry and voted against it!  

In fact, eight Pennsylvania Republicans voted against Constitutional Carry despite having a Republican majority – and during what can only be called the “Red Wave” of legislation in 2021 that has seen dozens of historic gun bills passed.

And while we’re talking about their betrayal, let’s name the eight Republicans that clearly missed the memo about the Second Amendment! They are:

Rep. Kathleen Tomlinson (R-18)
Rep. Lori Mizgorski (R-30)
Rep. Robert Brooks (R-54)
Rep. Steven Mentzer (R-97)
Rep. Todd Stephens (R-151)
Rep. Chris Quinn (R-168)
Rep. Martina White (R-170)
Rep. Wendi Thomas (R-178

These eight Republicans ought to be ashamed of themselves.  Hopefully, gun owners remember their cowardice and betrayal at the next election cycle.

Sellouts Are More Common Than The Party Likes To Admit

This should be a loud reminder to gun owners who live in a state that’s still working to pass Constitutional Carry: Republicans have worked behind the scenes in Capitol buildings all over the country to kill gun bills for decades and are still trying to get away with it.

Meanwhile, gun owners have realized in the last 18 months that sitting back and letting the folks with an ‘R’ behind their name fight to preserve and advance America’s gun rights is a losing tactic. They’re ready for something new.

Gun owners know they can’t rely on many Republican legislators to advance this issue. After all, they’ve seen that there are plenty of spineless Republicans just waiting to show you they are really Democrats in disguise.

Wolf’s Radical Anti-Gun Ideas

No thanks to the backstabbing Republicans who tried to block SB 565, the bill made it to Wolf’s desk. Being a radical leftist, Wolf quickly promised to veto the bill.

Yes, that’s right!  The same governor who had no ethical problem moving Covid-positive patients out of below-capacity hospitals and into nursing homes full of the highest risk population….has lots of thoughts about how guns are dangerous.

After the Pennsylvania Senate passed HB 565, Wolf sent out a Press Release stating,

This is a move to lower the bar for unvetted, permitless people to carry hidden weapons while they walk our streets and mingle in our communities and to dismantle the commonwealth’s system for responsible gun ownership. We need to stop this nonsense – we should question why we would want anyone who hasn’t undergone a background check to carry a concealed weapon. We should question politicians who turn a blind eye to the fact that states without concealed carry permits have an 11 percent higher rate of homicide than those with discretion.”

When Wolf vetos the measure, gun owners may be wondering about a veto override. While nothing is official yet, it doesn’t appear from the House vote that there are any Democrats that can help override the veto – and at least a few Democrats would be needed to get the job done.

2nd Amendment Daily News reached out to Chris Dorr, Executive Director for the Pennsylvania Firearms Association, and asked about the pending veto.

Here is what Dorr told 2ADN:

While we anticipated the Democrats to vote against Constitutional Carry, and for Wolf to veto the bill, it’s the weak-kneed Republicans who gun owners will not forget when election time rolls around.

These shameless Republicans had a chance to help restore the 2nd Amendment even further by removing the absurd requirement to get a license to exercise a right. Instead, they stood with Michael Bloomberg and the gun grabbers.

Gun owners must not and will not forget these so-called Republican votes.”

What do you think of the vote against Constitutional Carry by the eight Republicans? Do you think they should be replaced in the next election? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Clean out all the old foggies and put new blood in. Dont vote along party lines just because theres a left or right.bote on what the people tunning for elections promise us thenvote by it. Tome to listen not to just bote to vote. Listen to the people then vote the right one in thsts for our country not for a
    Name of the party. Use your minds mind when voting. Just because your a democrat or republician you can still vote different if the promise is better on the other side. Bote for words that come out of the right person runnings mouth

  2. The Second Amendment is not to be infringed. You took an oath to protect and defend the God given rights of the people. Today you have resigned your right to represent the people of the Republic. Mark your calendar 11/2022. Clean out your desk.

  3. I feel any Republicans that doesnt vote for measures that the public wants and side with the Democrats,..we the conservative people should vote them out to send a message that we will not stand for anyone that won’t stand for us!

  4. The states and city’s with the strictest gun control have the highest gun related murder rates.Why would Pennsylvania want to join them?

    1. I think you’re on the wrong website buddy! CNN is just a click away for ya!
      And while you want to play the murder rate card, why don’t you do some research and learn something? Those numbers lump together ALL homocides, including, but not limited to, police-involved shootings, suicides and non-negligent shootings (ie., good guys shot bad guys).
      Of course, the FBI does NOT track each and every shooting, their data is only as good as the states that report each incident, so there’s no final word on the exact numbers of each type of incident.
      As usual, the left uses trickery and manipulation of data, or lack of data, to suit their agenda, exactly as Wolf has done for the state of PA.
      It is up to each and every citizen to acknowledge the bad apples and vote them out each and every voting cycle. If the state of PA is to be a socialistic-democratic state, the votes will reflect that. If you don’t get out and vote, then you have ZERO right to chime in on any political topics whatsoever!

      1. Apparently you didn’t read his comment and see that he said “States and Cities with the Strictest Gun Control have the Highest Gun Related Murder Rates.”

        Meaning 1. he agrees with the sentiment of this page/comments, and 2. We need to have more open/permitted carry allowed in ALL States and Cities.

  5. Tar and feather baby, tar and feather… Traitors to the constitution. Curious though… why has not the Gov vetoed the bill yet? Its been what? 14 days or more on his desk? hmm .. what is he waiting for? I watched the 5 hour debate on the house floor.. and every democrat said that Wolf was going to veto the bill anyway, and that this house vote was a joke.. why then did the dems speak for almost 5 hours? Ralling against the bill? Why then has Wolf not vetoed it? Me thinks somethings up.. keep the fingers crossed… Didn’t Pompeo warn all the govs about being involved with China, and that there would be “reprocussions” if they did? And are there not many pictures of Wolf and other senators and house reps meeting with the chinese? Like oh, I don’t know.. here?

  6. Well, it has been a long time since this article was published. What is the follow up to this situation?

  7. God and Guns get them out of office. They should remember who they work for . “WE THE PEOPLE”

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