Gun Control Group Trying to Force Minors to have Firearm Licenses in Idaho

An effort is underway in Idaho by some minors with “March for Our Lives” to force any Idaho minor to have a “license” to purchase a firearm, even if they have parents’ permission.

Idaho is one of the least regulated states in the country when it comes to firearms. The state has passed Constitutional Carry and expanded it twice in the last few years.

Gun control bills are rarely introduced or even considered in Idaho, given the state’s deep red population and a gun culture that runs extremely deep as well.

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So, the fact that a group of young citizens is trying to push a useless and unconstitutional licensure program in one of the most pro-2nd Amendment states in the country should give everyone concern. If they are trying to pass it in a state like Idaho, you can be sure that it is coming to more moderately-controlled red states.

For those who don’t remember, the group pushing this gun control effort is March for Our Lives which anti-2nd Amendment advocate David Hogg co-founded. Yes, that David Hogg who routinely makes a fool of himself on Twitter when discussing firearm regulations.

As reported by the Idaho Statesman, Kate Stevens of Boise High School is one of the students leading the charge.

Stevens told the Idaho Statesman,

You can be 12, and go down to your Walmart as long as your parent is with you, and buy a deadly weapon that you don’t have adequate safety training with, and operate it legally.”

Stevens is pushing the same old narrative pushed by gun control advocates who assume the government needs to have control over our rights. Never mind that there is no systemic issue even with minors purchasing or even possessing weapons and doing something awful with them.

We won’t claim that citizens don’t make mistakes, and we aren’t saying that some citizens aren’t irresponsible with their firearms. However, firearm ownership isn’t based on anything other than your natural right to self-defense.

For their effort, the group hopes to find some bipartisan support and is using the most anti-gun legislator in Idaho to help do their bidding, Sen. Melissa Wintrow (D-Boise).

The students claim that this is an issue “everyone can agree on,” except that the vast majority of gun owners in The Gem State don’t support licensing. The students will have to figure out how to get around Idaho’s prohibition on the licensing of firearms in the state constitution.

What do you think of the March for Our Lives proposal? Should it go to the dustbin of history with every other gun control bill?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. It is their right to voice their opinion, but where is their opinion coming from?
    Is the school system pushing a false narrative on our kids?
    I’m concerned.

  2. If you don’t like firearms don’t buy one. That’s your choice, but you absolutely have no right to tell us we can’t own firearms. Your fighting a losing battle. I suggest concentrating on your school work and leave our rights alone.

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