BOOOM! Constitutional Carry Faces Just One More Vote In Pennsylvania — And Republicans In The House Control The Majority!

The Pennsylvania Senate has passed Constitutional Carry.

Constitutional Carry continues to sweep the country as more and more Americans demand the removal of licensure/permit requirements for exercising a God-given and natural right to self-defense. That’s why we are excited to see movements in states like Pennsylvania, which are well outside the “deep red” states like Idaho and Wyoming.

Senate Bill 565 had some spirited debate, but in the end, the bill cleared the Senate by a vote of 29 to 21.

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2nd Amendment Daily News spoke with Chris Dorr, Executive Director for the Pennsylvania Firearms Association, about the effort to get the bill this far. Dorr told 2ADN that the effort of gun owners to push Constitutional Carry to a vote in the Senate was crucial to moving the bill forward.

Here is the full statement Dorr sent to 2ADN:

All the Senate Democrats, heck, quite a few of the Republicans were all opposed to passing Constitutional Carry through the PA Senate in 2021, but PFA members said “screw it. Let’s do it. Let’s pass Constitutional Carry through the Senate.”

So they did.

Well done, my patriot brothers and sisters!”

Dorr told 2ADN that the bill will now move to a vote in the House.

2ADN asked Dorr about the prospects of getting the bill through the Pennsylvania House and eventually to the governor. Dorr said the prospects were good, but gun owners can’t take anything for granted and must push hard to make sure their elected officials in the House know they want the bill to pass.

Dorr told 2ADN,

The gun control advocates are doing everything they can to derail this effort, and we can’t let that happen. So stay in the fight until that bill becomes law!”

If Pennsylvania passes Constitutional Carry, it would be the 22nd state to do so.

Do you live in a Constitutional Carry state? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. It took me 4 months to get a carry permit in NY and cost me well over 400 that’s for permit training and running around getting sponsors when I shouldn’t even need a permit

  2. They should know we the people will balance out what is right and good for us! We don’t need congress to tell us how to protect ourselves. We have been good at it many years, and if we stand up we can control them to a standard!

  3. Got my NY permit about 30 years ago when it was easier and we had a pro 2A Sheriff. Got my PA permit [reciprocal] 10 or so years ago. We recently moved to KY which was permit-less open carry but now is constitutional carry.

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