Crazed Customer Throws Hot Soup in Woman’s Face

A customer in a Sol Del Jalisco restaurant threw hot soup in a female worker’s face because she said the soup lid melted into the soup.

The incident took place in Temple, Texas, and the video of the incident is pretty disturbing. Thankfully, the employee is okay and told her followers on Tik Tok that she did get a nose bleed and that the soup wasn’t as hot as it was originally.

The concern from the employee was that the spices in the soup would damage her face more than the hot soup.

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Check out the video below from KCEN in Texas:

The employee detailed the incident on Tik Tok, saying she tried to refund the woman’s order and give her free food over a phone call that two had before the customer returned to the store. However, the customer was having none of it and showed up at the restaurant to voice her displeasure.

During the exchange with the customer, the employee said that she only asked the woman not to swear at her and that if she calmed down, she would help her out.

The customer apparently did not want to make the situation right. Instead, the customer took the lid off the soup and threw it directly in the employee’s face.

Police say that charges are pending, which has been confirmed by the female employee who has also asked that people not harass the woman who attacked her.

What do you think the customer should be charged with? Let us know in the comments below.

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