ANOTHER VICTORY: Now The OHIO House Has Passed Constitutional Carry!

Columbus, OH – Gun owners in Ohio made history on Wednesday when they voted 60-30 to pass Constitutional Carry for the first time.  The vote was split on straight party lines, with no Democrats agreeing that law-abiding citizens have the right to self-defense without paying the government, first.

But the real story here is that every single Republican voted for the bill – and it wasn’t because every single one suddenly decided to be heroes of the second amendment.

No, that was the result of tens of thousands of calls and emails from the mobilized members and supporters of Ohio’s largest and most powerful gun rights group, Ohio Gun Owners.

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The organization has been sounding the call for the last several years that the same gun owners who had elected a supermajority of Republicans were done waiting for those same republicans to deliver for gun owners.

Thanks to bill sponsors Tom Brinkman and Kris Jordan, gun owners finally had a bill they could throw their full political weight behind – and that’s exactly what happened.

We spoke to Chris Dorr, executive director of Ohio Gun Owners, and asked what his members and supporters thought of the vote. 

Dorr replied:

After more than twenty years of so-called ‘pro-gun’ politicians churning water and then more than 18 months of watching the communist left dismantle our country and everything we hold dear, gun owners in Ohio rose up in droves and HAMMERED on the Ohio House – who just passed Constitutional Carry for the first time in Ohio history!

This is exclusively OGO members’ and supporters’ victory, but our work isn’t finished yet. This fight moves to the Ohio Senate, and OGO members are giddy at the chance to clear every obstacle, hurdle, and roadblock that the establishment hacks in that chamber will try to erect.

OGO members are going to win, and win bigger than ever before. It’s just a question of how many politicians will get beat down by our members before we get to total victory!”

In case anybody thinks that Dorr is overstating his group’s effectiveness, we want to point out that our questions to Dorr came less than 24 hours after Ohio Gun Owners’ sister organization, the Pennsylvania Firearms Association, passed their own Constitutional Carry bill through the general assembly and on to Governor Wolf.  This was also the first time Pennsylvania’s gun owners had accomplished that feat!

For gun owners in Ohio, it looks like they’re marching to victory and are in good hands.  We love watching this tidal wave of good gun bills all over the country.  The awful event of the last 18 months have woken a sleeping giant – and there’s no telling what we can get done with so many mobilized gun owners.

We’ll keep you posted on this bill, so check back often!

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