Sen. Lindsey Graham Told Police to use Guns on Jan. 6 “Rioters”

Liberals largely ignored the violence that happened throughout the country at the hands of Antifa and BLM but they love talking about January 6th.

Liberals and establishment Republicans love talking about the so-called “riot” that took place and comparing it to 9/11. Calling what happened on January 6th a “riot” is somewhat laughable, considering the Capitol Police let the protesters inside the building and most of them walked around like regular tourists.

While we certainly don’t have an issue with people being held accountable for their actions, especially the ones who damaged or stole Capitol property, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-FL) wanted the Capitol police to shoot them.

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The Washington Post released an extensive report with quotes from Graham telling the Capitol Police to open fire on the people inside the Capitol because he felt they posed an imminent threat. Here is one of the quotes by Graham,

What are you doing? Take back the Senate! You’ve got guns. Use them.”

-Washington Post

Now, the immediate question from gun owners is, “Did he really say that because it is the Washington Post after all?” According to Fox News, Graham did say it, and his staff confirmed it all in a statement to them.

Here is what Graham’s office told Fox News,

Graham was quite clear on this point, noting that the backpacks and other items brought into the Capitol could have contained bombs and explosives.  The damage could have been much, much worse.”

– Fox News

So, a bunch of people who were basically let into the U.S. Capitol should all have been shot dead, according to Graham? People who were unarmed and were walking around the Capitol like tourists should have been gunned down?

There is no mention of the fact that the Capitol Police were not prepared and that warnings of needing more security before the event went unheeded.

Graham, who is a supporter of Red Flag Gun Seizure orders, has long been a liberal politician in our opinion and has been one of the weakest Senators on the 2nd Amendment in previous years. He should be careful with his words or he may get Red Flagged by his constituents for threatening to shoot people.

What do you think of Graham’s comment on shooting people who entered the Capitol on January 6th?

Let us know in the comments below.

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