New York City Man Throws Molotov Cocktail at Workers

New York City has been disarming gun owners for decades.

Never mind that criminals roam the streets daily. The government in NYC won’t let citizens defend themselves, but they are more than happy to have their own armed security.

The criminals in NYC have become so emboldened that they are now throwing Molotov Cocktails at citizens.

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NYC police have released video footage of a criminal throwing a Molotov Cocktail inside a Deli in Brooklyn and attempting to throw another one but being stopped by a bystander. Police say that the man, Joel Mangal, was upset with the Deli employees, which prompted the attack.

In the video, Mangal can be seen lighting the first Molotov Cocktail and throwing it from the entry to the glass casing where the workers were standing.

Right after the Molotov Cocktail hits the glass, flames spread all around the area. One of the workers jumps over the glass, and his foot can be seen on fire momentarily.

The second worker then jumps over the counter, and both men flee the store.

The video then shows Mangal lighting a second Molotov Cocktail and attempting to throw it in the store. However, before he could throw it inside, another man intervened and grabbed Mangal’s arm, which caused the Molotov Cocktail to fall to the ground outside.

Check out the video yourself, which is from the New York Fire Department and recorded by the New York Post:

Video from New York Post via New York City Fire Department

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Thankfully, Mangal was arrested and charged with arson, criminal mischief, criminal possession of a weapon, reckless endangerment, and assault.

Perhaps the U.S. Supreme Court can get the New York case right, and citizens in the Big Apple can finally defend themselves from these brazen attacks.

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