Chicago Warzone Update: 6 Dead, Dozens Wounded in Halloween Weekend Violence

Image Courtesy of Chicago Police Department.

Ah, Chicago, the city that never sleeps…from a constant barrage of bullets.

Of course, the media doesn’t like to cover the violence problem in Chicago because nearly all of the violence is from gang activity. To the mainstream media, gun owners who obey the law are the problem and not the criminals who routinely disobey every law on the books.

Over Halloween weekend, Chicago saw over two dozen shootings that killed six people and injured several dozen others.

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Violence has been a significant problem in Chicago for many years. But, with mayors like Lori Lightfoot constantly attacking her own police force and not seeming to give them the necessary resources, it’s no wonder the crime issue isn’t getting better.

This weekend alone, several 15-year-olds were victims of the latest round of violence.

One of the 15-year-olds was shot in the chest as he walked down an alleyway. He is in critical condition as of this writing.

Another victim was a 16-year-old who police say was waiting for his friend outside, and someone shot him from the back seat of a KIA. Unfortunately, drive-by shootings are all too common in many of the Chicago shootings.

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