Oklahoma Homeowner Shoots and Kills Alleged Intruder

A 50-year-old man, Buddy Driver, is dead after allegedly trying to break into a home in Hollis, Oklahoma.

Driver was trying to go through a window of the home when he learned the hard way that armed homeowners will do what is necessary to protect themselves. Driver was pronounced dead at the scene, according to KFOR in Oklahoma.

While Oklahoma does not have a specific Castle Doctrine law, the state does have Stand-Your-Ground.

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Stand-Your-Ground laws allow citizens not to retreat from danger even if they are in a place where they are publicly allowed to be. Because the citizen who shot Driver was in their own home, there is no obligation to try and run away first.

Police are still investigating the shooting of Driver at this time, but it is difficult to see any other outcome than Driver being shot by a homeowner in self-defense.


  1. We will. NEVER give up our guns! Too much meaness these days not to be able to defend yourself. Just be sure you have USCCA INSURANCE TO PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS.

  2. I am sorry to know that the homeowner has to deal with killing the intruder. But I am very happy to know that the homeowner is safe and alive. As in a war zone you have no choice but to survive. What you had to do in your home will remain with you the rest of your life but it was the intruders fault. Not yours.

  3. I think most of the gun haters had this happen at their home and they lost one of their love ones that afterwards they would wish they had a gun to protect them with

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