Chicago Warzone Update: 39 Shot, 3 Dead in Weekend Shootings

Chicago, the liberals say, is a bastion of peace, love, and tranquility.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s city has been in turmoil for many years. Despite efforts to curb gang violence, the leading cause of nearly all of the violence in Chicago, the city continues to be one of the most dangerous in America.

This weekend was no different as Chicago saw over two dozen shootings.

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According to ABC 7, the city saw 39 people get shot with three deaths. A number of the injured were teenagers.

The gun control crowd would rather focus on trying to ban firearms from law-abiding citizens rather than focus on why the violence is occurring in Chicago in the first place.

Are the gang members prowling Chicago’s streets and gunning people down going to give up their guns? That seems unlikely since gang members are criminals and obeying laws runs counter to pretty much everything they believe in and do.

However, disarming law-abiding Chicago citizens is not going to have the impact the gun control crowd thinks that it will. Instead, disarming gun owners only worsens crime and emboldens the criminals who know they can target even more victims.

In the meantime, perhaps we can discuss the fatherless homes that many of these gang members come from? Then, maybe we can stop destroying the family as a unit of society?

What do you think will solve the crime issues in Chicago?

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