Republicans Crush Democrats in VA, Take Control of the House

In what is likely to be a major point of discussion for 2022, the Virginia House of Delegates is now controlled by Republicans.

On election night this last Tuesday, Glenn Youngkin won the governorship in a major blow to the Democrat anti-gun agenda in Virginia. Gun owners have now sent another message by sending anti-gun Democrats in the Virginia House of Delegates packing.

It took several days for the final results in several key races to have their votes counted, but in the end, Republicans came out on top.

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While the AP has not officially called the House for Republicans, Democrat leaders in the House have announced they have lost control. Republicans control 51 seats of the 100 as of this writing.

Here is what part of the statement said that Democrat House Speaker Eileen Fuller put out yesterday,

I am also proud of the campaigns our incumbents and our challengers ran. We spent this election cycle talking about the issues we championed and highlighting the tremendous progress we have made while in the majority. Unfortunately, the headwinds were too strong, and the maps drawn by the previous majority presented a challenge that was too great to overcome. We will dearly miss our colleagues who will not be with us the next term, but we will ensure their legacies are preserved.”

While Republicans control the governorship and the House, the road to undoing the anti-gun bills passed several years ago will remain very difficult as Democrats still control the Senate by a narrow margin. This means that Republicans would need several Democrats to crossover and help them pass pro-2nd Amendment legislation.

Virginia Senators are not up for re-election until 2023, meaning gun owners have several more years to prepare to oust anti-gun Senators in the state and then make a major push to restore the right to keep and bear arms.

Nevertheless, gun owners chalked up some major victories in Virginia, a sure sign that the Biden strategy of attacking parents, destroying the economy, and going after the 2nd Amendment is not sitting well with the American people. As a result, many pundits predict an absolute disaster for Democrats in next year’s midterm elections.

What do you think of the Virginia results? Is what happened in Virginia a sign of things to come?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.