NASCAR Denounces “Let’s Go Brandon” Chant and Gear

NASCAR has denounced the “Let’s Go Brandon” phrase and says that it will go after people selling gear with their licensed logo and the phrase on it.

A once proud and patriotic organization, NASCAR’s elitists who run the organization continue to trash their fanbase. Unfortunately, the announcement from NASCAR is not the first time in recent years that they seem to have forgotten their primary consumer is hard-core conservatives.

In fact, in the public statement they released, NASCAR said they wanted to stay out of politics, “left or right.”

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Ironically, NASCAR has been making political statements a lot in recent years. In fact, in 2019, the organization made what many felt was their biggest political mistake by banning some firearm ads during the programing of their events.

This is also the same organization that had a pit crew claim a “noose” was left in Bubba Wallaces’ stall, which turned out to be false. Bubba Wallace is the only black driver in NASCAR’s top-tier racing league.

That didn’t stop them from calling the F.B.I. for an investigation and NASCAR doing a ridiculous “show of support” for Wallance in what most already understood was not a hate crime. The rope was used to pull garage doors down and was in EVERY stall.

Rather than wait for the facts to be gathered, NASCAR made a mockery of the sport.

It’s also the same organization that has told its fans not to use the Confederate Flag, which was also an interesting announcement given that most of NASCAR’s fans are from the south. But NASCAR wanted to send a political message in the wake of criminal George Floyd being killed by police.

It isn’t that NASCAR doesn’t want to send political messages; it just wants to send leftist political messages.

When the NFL, NBA, MLB, and other major sports leagues push the Black Lives Matter movement and other leftist agenda items, you would think NASCAR would counter and stand up for America given its extremely hardcore conservative base.

Nope. Instead, NASCAR continues to thumb its nose at the very people who pay the drivers’ bills and the elitists who run the organization.

For those unaware of the origins of the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant, it originated at a NASCAR race. When racecar driver Brandon Brown won an Xfinity Series race earlier this year, fans in the crowd could very clearly be heard chanting the real chant of “F**k Joe Biden!”

However, NBC sports reporter Kelly Stavast tried to play off the chant and claimed they were chanting, “Let’s Go Brandon.” What ensued was an instant mockery of the reporter and a new nationwide calling to mock President Joe Biden and his failed administration.

Hear the video for yourself:

Certainly, no one would blame NASCAR for putting an end to the improper use of their logo on merchandise being sold without their permission. We don’t know anyone who would condone stealing property which is why logos are licensed and trademarked.

But NASCAR is missing a golden opportunity to grow its base of supporters and send a message to the rest of the country by embracing the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant.

The era of “leaving politics out of sports” is clearly gone.

NASCAR isn’t winning over any leftists by making the decisions they have in recent years. Liberals by and large don’t watch racing.

Will none of the sports organizations in the country stand up for America? Are they all going woke?

If NASCAR doesn’t do it, no sport likely will.

What do you think of NASCAR’s latest statement? Let us know in the comments below.

Oh, and Let’s Go Brandon!