Two Rottweilers Attack Jogger, Gun Owner Saves Her

Two Rottweilers attacked a jogger in St. Charles, Illinois, just outside Chicago.

The woman, whose name has not been released, was 51-years-old and friends with the person who owned the dogs.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain said the woman was being used as a “chew toy” by the dogs. One of the dogs was biting the woman’s leg while the other was biting her head.

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The incident began when a Labradoodle came out of a home and ran up to the woman. Because the jogger knew the dog and the house it came from, she picked up the dog and began walking it up the driveway to the owner who was watching.

Sadly, that’s when the homeowner’s two rottweilers then came out of the home and attacked the jogger, possibly thinking she was hurting the Labradoodle.

A man driving by saw the incident and tried to get the dogs off the woman but couldn’t do it himself. He then called his dad and asked him to bring a firearm.

Police say the attack went on for minutes.

When the man finally got his gun, he pointed it at the dog at point-blank range and killed one of the dogs by shooting it in the side. Sheriff Hain said the man likely saved her life by killing the dog.

Here is what Hain told the Chicago Tribune,

It went on for minutes, we don’t have an exact time frame. Once he had the weapon he shot the dog basically at point-blank range. He had to take appropriate action to save her life.”

The media, of course, asked if the woman was ever in danger of being shot. Hain told the press that she was in far more trouble if the man didn’t help and that the man was very tactical in how he shot the dog, so the jogger wasn’t hit.

The sheriff praised the gun owner and said that while their office continues to investigate the situation, he sees no reason to recommend any charges as it was a clear-cut case of self-defense.

The homeowner voluntarily euthanized the other dog.

Both the jogger and homeowner were taken to the hospital for treatment. The jogger had severe injuries, but the Chicago Tribune said the injuries were not life-threatening and she should make a full recovery.


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