Michigan Democrats Trying to Ram Magazine Ban into Law

Original photo from Detroit News.

Michigan Democrats are trying to pass a law to ban firearm magazines that can hold more than ten rounds.

This proposal comes just after a shooting at the Oxford Community High School that left four students dead and others injured. According to Michigan Radio, the suspect in the shooting had used two 15-round magazines.

Of course, magazine bans like this have been proposed across the country and implemented in several states, including New York and California.

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Common sense tells you that these magazine bans accomplish absolutely nothing. A suspect who wants to shoot 30 rounds can have two 15-round magazines or three 10-round magazines.

As described in the Michigan Radio article, the attack at Oxford Community High School lasted approximately five minutes which is plenty of time for someone hell-bent on killing people to expend either two or three magazines.

Hopefully, the gun owners in Michigan are ready for a fight.

While Republicans control the legislature, gun owners can’t trust that there aren’t some spinless ones ready to stab them in the back. Unfortunately, we have seen it time and time again in many states and Congress.

The Democrats control the governorship. Under Michigan’s constitution, the Lt. Governor, a Democrat, serves as the President of the Senate and would be a tie-breaking vote.

Republicans only control the Michigan House by a 58-52 margin. The Senate is only Republican-controlled by a margin of 20-16 with two vacant seats.

This means that gun owners cannot rely on Michigan’s Republican-controlled legislature to be there for them. Unfortunately, some “Republicans” always bend the knee to the gun control crowd whenever there is a tragedy because they feel they have to “do something.”

What do you think of bans on magazine capacity sizes?

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