Well-Known Gun Grabber Unintentionally Makes the Case for Arming Teachers

Shannon Watts, the leader of Moms Demand Action, unintentionally made a case for arming teachers in schools in a tweet about the Michigan High School shooting.

Yesterday, a student in Michigan shot and killed three of his fellow students and wounded eight others. The alleged killer was ultimately taken into custody.

According to several media reports, it took police approximately five minutes to arrest the sophomore student who allegedly took his father’s handgun to the school.

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School resource officers were also on-site, but it still took them some time to respond.

Watts tweeted about the response time, and here is what she said,

In under five minutes and despite multiple security guards on campus, a 15-year-old with access to a semiautomatic handgun was able to kill a 16-year-old boy and two girls, ages 14 and 17, and wound eight others.

It’s the guns.”

Gun owners have long said that police are just too far away, even if a school resource officer is on-site. Shootings typically end within seconds, maybe a minute or two.

Watts admits that it took law enforcement five minutes to end the incident in Michigan. But, by doing so, Watts is making a case for arming teachers.

In addition to Watts tweet, a story has gone viral of what many believed to be the shooter outside a classroom pretending to be a police officer. What if he had gained entry into that classroom?

What if a teacher had been carrying or had access to a firearm? Could they have potentially saved lives? We certainly believe so.

While Watts is trying to destroy the 2nd Amendment, those of us who understand liberty and freedom know that the 2nd Amendment is crucial to the survival of this country.

The only way to try and do what Watts wants is to completely ban all firearms, which isn’t Constitutional or feasible. We can’t keep actual people from crossing our border illegally, so what makes Watts think we can ban guns and get rid of them all?

It’s time to let teachers who want to be armed do so.

Teachers who want to be armed can train with law enforcement and help protect our children long before law enforcement will even arrive.

What do you think about arming school teachers who want to be armed? Let us know your stance in the comments!


  1. The amount of money that has been spent from all sides of this issue could have financed metal detection devices at all schools.
    Disarming anyone carrying would have been easier. But SOMEONE said that would lead to unconstitutional search and seizure. But if done back in the ‘70s it would have stopped it dead in its tracks.

    1. I’m not at all against your proposal, but without armed security at those metal detectors, people who want to commit mass murder will simply shoot their way past that checkpoint.

  2. With proper training, why shouldn’t teachers who want to, be allowed to concealed carry? If an evil person wants to do harm to others, they will find a way to carry their plans one way or another.

  3. In Israel, school security doesn’t mean protecting students against a pimply, untrained, poorly-socialized loser. They have to worry about trained militants. Do you hear about school shootings in Israel? No.

    They have layers of security, starting with intel through interactions with students and the neighborhood. They have armed teachers and administrators at every door during recess. They have voluntarily armed teachers throughout the building. When teachers are armed, a shooter does not know where the response will come from, except “all directions.”

    Steps need to be taken though, to assure students that teachers are vetted, trained, and will contribute to their safety.

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