Biden Demands Senate Pass Gun Control

President Joe Biden is renewing calls for the U.S. Senate to ram through gun control before it’s too late.

Biden told the Senate the time was now to act in yet another rambling message from the White House. Additionally, Biden bragged about actions he says he has taken to go after so-called “gun violence.”

In a video snippet from the American Firearms Association, Biden claims that he curbed the “proliferation of ghost guns” and cracked down on “rogue gun dealers.”

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In the video, Biden says that states and cities should use the taxpayer money in his “American Rescue Plan” to fight “gun violence.” Biden then says in his budget proposal he wants to double the amount of money used for “gun violence prevention research.”

There is nothing to research, Brandon.

The 2nd Amendment says that you and Congress do not have the power to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms. That’s the end of the argument.

Biden then tells the Senate they should pass more “extensive background checks,” and what Biden means by that is “Universal Background Checks,” which is the catalyst for gun registration.

Also buried in Biden’s messaging is a likely reference to Red Flag Gun Seizure orders when he discusses “gun violence” prevention “before it’s too late.” Of course, that is the usual terminology for elected officials who want to take your firearms without due process.

Here is the video that you can see yourself:

2nd Amendment Daily News reached out to Aaron Dorr, Director of State Operations for the American Firearms Association, about the video. Here is what Dorr told 2ADN,

Biden and the gun control crowd are desperate to attack the 2nd Amendment. They know that 2022 is not looking good for them and they are running out of time to ram gun control through Congress.

Gun owners know full well that we can’t rely on the Republicans in the Senate to protect the right to keep and bear arms. We have already seen McConnel remove the filibuster for raising the debt ceiling. Who says he won’t do it to pass gun control in the wake of a mass shooting?

We are asking gun owners to join with the AFA in fighting back at the congressional and state-level against all forms of gun control as 2022 looks to be one of the most important years ever for gun owners to make a difference.”

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