Dem. Senators View Bipartisan Gun Control Bill As Placeholder, Which “Paves The Way” for “More Progress” And Gun Control Expansion

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In the last week, gun owners and gun rights advocates have expressed great concern that the bipartisan gun control bill, S.2938 will be used as a placeholder bill to be rapidly expanded.

That bill has passed both the Senate and the House and is now headed to Joe Biden’s desk — and it seems as though the concerns of those Second Amendment advocates were right on target.

Less than twenty-four hours before the bill passed the Senate, several Democratic senators hinted at that very thing in various appearances on the evening cable news.

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In an appearance on MSNBC’s All In with host Chris Hayes, Democratic lead negotiator Senator Chris Murphy (D- Conn.) credited citizens for getting organized and letting their legislators know that they demanded action.

“…There are going to be somewhere between 15 and 20 Republican senators that are going to vote for it, which I think sort of paves the way for even more progress in the future, now that we have broken this logjam,” Murphy told Hayes. “That’s maybe the legacy of the bill in the long run.”

He wasn’t alone.

In her appearance on CNN’s AC360, former presidential candidate Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) told host Anderson Cooper that while the bill was not everything she wanted, she referred to the bipartisan piece of legislation as “a beginning.”

Cooper asked Klobuchar what she would say to those who believe the bill did not go far enough regarding gun control.

Klobuchar responded to Cooper. “…That’s why we’re moving ahead. And I think it actually paves the way in the future to look at some of these other provisions. But if you do nothing and you just go home, then we’ve got nothing. And that’s why it’s so important to pass this bill on a bipartisan basis.”


You know that old saying, “When somebody tells you who they are…believe them”? Well, it’s plain as day that the anti-gun left views this bill as nothing more than a chassis that they can come and add more language to later.

We reached out to the American Firearms Association’s Executive Director, Chris Dorr, and he agreed emphatically.

This is nothing but a placeholder bill that can and will be expanded upon by Democrats and their willing Republican cohorts when it becomes evident that this bill will not save lives or stop another Buffalo or Uvalde!”

Nothing in this bill answers why Payton Gendron cleared a background check even after authorities were alerted to his stated desire to participate in a murder-suicide while a senior in high school — in a state that already had Red Flag laws on the books!

Nothing in this bill could account for the reprehensible gutlessness and cowardice of law enforcement on the scene at Robb Elementary School under the command of Uvalde School District Police Chief Pete Arredondo.

Nothing in this bill will help properly trained school staff, teachers, or everyday citizens more straightforward access to firearms to give them a fighting chance against evil men like Gendron and Ramos.

Finally, we should note the differences in rhetoric regarding this bill on both sides of the aisle. While Murphy and Klobuchar drop multiple hints that S. 2938 is far from their last word on the subject, we have Republicans like Lead GOP Negotiator Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) with either the ignorance or the stone to tweet that the bill will place “NO NEW RESTRICTIONS on law-abiding gun owners.”

Unless, of course, the gun owner has a vengeful ex-lover, ex-coworker, or ex-employee who decides to use Cornyn and Murphy’s red flag law law to exact some petty revenge via court-ordered disarmament — even though they had never been arrested, let alone convicted of any crime.

Feckless cowards like Cornyn are banking on the American gun owner staying asleep, or continuing to let sold-out, compromised gun rights organizations stand up for their gun rights.

But we have seen the winds of change moving in a new direction in the world of gun politics….and we don’t think Cornyn and his RINO pals will like it.


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