Senator John Cornyn Booed At Texas GOP Convention After Crafting Bipartisan Gun Control Legislation

HOUSTON- After departing the beltway in frustration over the stalled gun control negotiations he was helping to oversee, Sen. John Cornyn (R- Tex.) faced the wrath of the Republican faithful at the Texas GOP Convention by being booed by them during his remarks on Friday.

Houston television station KHOU reported that boos greeted Cornyn upon entering the stage.

Before he spoke, he was met with boos immediately upon taking the stage at the George R. Brown Convention Center,” KHOU reported. “The crowd grew louder when he spoke about guns and the legislation he and other Senate lawmakers are drafting in response to the mass shootings that have happened across the U.S. over the past two months.”

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Watch here:

In this video, you can hear people chanting, “No Red Flags!”

Cornyn attempted to highlight Republican success in resisting harder demands from Democrats in the wake of the Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, TX shootings, which would have banned high-capacity magazines.

He also tried to salvage his position on the Second Amendment, saying he would not add any provisions to restrict the rights of gun owners.

Just days after being loud and proud about his support of sweeping new gun control, Cornyn was realizing he might have made a mistake.

If we’re gonna change anything in this country, it should not be the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms,” Cornyn said, according to KHOU. “That’s what I made clear to my fellow senators who approached me, asking me to work on mental health and school safety legislation. I said, ‘Let’s see if we can find a better way of enforcing existing law and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.”

While an in-principal agreement between a group of Senate Democrats and Republicans was announced on Sunday, June 12th, negotiation ground to a standstill during the course of the week over disagreements regarding the so-called “Boyfriend loophole” and federal funding in regards to Red-Flag laws.

This limp-wristed attempt to save his political backside has likely come too little, too late.


Cornyn’s flaccid attempt to sell gun control as a victory because ‘at least they resisted the Democrats call to ban high-capacity magazines’ during bipartisan negotiations fell as flat as we’d expect it to.

As every gun owner knows, these negotiations had no business occurring in the first place. It makes NO SENSE for a party that is poised to control both sides of Congress in just a few months to negotiate with a political party facing midterm political annihilation.

To act like Republicans have gained something (which they haven’t) and pretend that they haven’t given up anything that could affect the rights of responsible gun owners (which they have) offers keen insight into the apparent decrepit logic of GOP leadership.

Cornyn deserved every boo and thumbs-down gesture he received in Houston on Friday.

Should these asinine gun control maneuvers by RINOs and Democrats fail, it will be due to politically active gun owners getting personally involved and pressuring their beltway legislators.

Keep it up! Take one minute to write your legislator and tell them precisely what you think. You can use this form provided by the American Firearms Association below:


  1. In the coming elections 2022 and after, True Republicans must CLEAN its own HOUSE and VOTE OUT (PURGE RINO GOP) Democrat Party LAP DOGS from OFFICE!

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