Disgraced Cuomo Compares Buffalo Shootings to Lynchings- Demands Federal Assault Weapons Ban

BUFFALO – In only his third public appearance since resigning in disgrace, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gave a speech Sunday where he compared the May 14th mass shooting in Buffalo to “lynchings” called for a federal ban on assault rifles.

The New York Post reports:

People are dead just because of the color of their skin. It couldn’t be more ugly because we wanted to believe that this type of activity was a stain in America’s past and had no place in the present. But this race-based mass shooting goes back to the old days. It’s like the lynchings. Instead of a noose, they use an assault rifle. Years ago, they hid under white hood; today, they hide in the anonymity of the Internet.”

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During his 11-minute remarks to the True Bethel Baptist Church in Buffalo, Cuomo called for a federal ban on assault weapons.

“No more excuses from our elected officials,” Cuomo said, as reported by the Post. “I know it’s hard to ban assault weapons. We did it in New York. We passed the law. The toughest gun-safety law in the nation. We got it done, and now it’s time for the federal government to get it done. State laws aren’t enough. We need federal action. Ban these assault weapons and ban them now.”

Cuomo made no mention of the fact that New York’s ‘assault weapon’ ban did absolutely nothing to stop 18-year-old Payton Gendron. In fact, Gendron legally purchased his weapon, according to ABC 7 Eyewitness News.

A Federal Assault Weapons Ban was included in the highly controversial Crime Bill of 1994. As we reported to you last week, a 2004 federally funded study that assessed the ban’s effectiveness stated that it could not be credited with a drop in gun violence.

Cuomo resigned in disgrace as governor of New York in August 2021 in the face of possible impeachment due to allegations of sexual harassment and groping. According to the Post, he began reemerging in the public eye in March, telling reporters after an appearance at a Bronx church that he “wasn’t going anywhere” and wouldn’t rule out a gubernatorial bid to oust current Governor Kathy Hochul (D).

He opted not to run against Hochul in the Democratic Primary, slated for June 28th.

“If he wants to run as an independent in the November general election, he has until May 31 to collect and deliver the requisite petition signatures,” The New York Post reported.


Cuomo insinuated heavily that if only there had been a national assault weapon ban, this shooting would have been prevented. But in fact, Gendron bought his gun in New York state and did so in accordance with New York’s myriad of gun control laws.

To be perfectly clear: a national ‘assault weapon’ ban would have done absolutely nothing to stop this shooting.

Cuomo acts like Gendron ‘slipped through the cracks’ because the entire nation hasn’t passed the same worhtless laws that New York has, but that’s just nothing less than a joke.

Further, we find it very difficult to believe Cuomo or any of these far-leftist are truly ‘sickened’ by what occurred in Buffalo, given that they proved how strong a stomach they had during the BLM/ANTIFA riots of 2020 that left 34 Americans dead.

More recently, we didn’t hear Cuomo making platitudes over the two dead and seven wounded black Americans who were shot at a Chicago McDonald’s. The mass shooting plunged the streets of downtown Chicago into a chaotic brawl last Thursday night but the national media didn’t have a thing to say about it..

Cuomo didn’t even show this much moral outrage over the deaths in nursing homes suffered in the Empire State during the pandemic because of Cuomo’s directive to place COVID-19-positive people among the residents and then, later, under-reporting the number of dead.

Buffalo can be molded into a narrative that can fit hand-in-glove with the left’s desires. Chicago can’t, so it is ignored. 

Aside from all of that, why should law-abiding, decent Americans be bothered to listen to scolding lectures from a man who was driven from office because he helped himself to the hired help while he occupied it?

To paraphrase the old song: Don’t give us no lies and keep your hands to yourself, Cuomo.

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