14-Year-Old Shoots Robber in the Face

Photo courtesy of ABC Channel 6.

A 14-year-old boy in Philadelphia had to defend his mother, who was being strangled in the family’s pizza shop.

Philadelphia is trying to give Chicago a run for its money as the most dangerous city in America. Chicago has long been known as the murder capitol of the United States.

This year, the city of “brother love” has already had over 520 murders, an increase of 46% over 2019.

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On December 10, a man came into Bold Pizza and tried to steal cash from the shop’s register. That’s when the mother of the 14-year-old boy tried to stop the would-be robber.

The man then began attacking the woman and began strangling her.

While the man was strangling the boy’s mother, he grabbed his dad’s firearm from under the counter and fired one shot into the man’s face.

The alleged suspect then fled the pizza shop with blood dripping along the ground. When police arrived, they followed the blood trail and eventually took the suspect to the hospital in critical condition.

The man who was shot was allegedly part of a three-person group robbing several stores in the area. Police say that they are still looking for the other two suspects.

As of this writing, the condition or name of the suspect has not been released.


  1. Boy, that just warms my heart! A 14-year old knew how to stop a violent crime, and the outcome was perfect! He saved his mother from being murdered, as well as himself, and the bad guy is where he belongs, in critical condition in a hospital.

    I actually hope he survives, so he can explain to each and every person he meets for the rest of his life why he has a bullet hole in his face! Of course, if he doesn’t, it won’t make me too sad either!!!

  2. and the DA claims Philly does not have a violent crime problem, this kid is a hero, probably saved his mother’s life. If the democrats had their way the kid would go to prison for firing a gun at a helpless criminal

  3. We need more gun control so this doesn’t happen to any other people just trying to steal money so they can feed their family, er, drug addiction. Bravo, young man, for protecting your mother. I would love to shake your hand.

  4. Teach that kid how to shoot twice to send a message to other violent criminals. The perp doesn’t deserve medical care – he deserves the Coroner. Fuck him.

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