Which 12 American Cities Broke Homicide Records in 2021?

12 American cities broke homicide records in 2021.

It’s safe to say that Biden’s America is more dangerous than that of his predecessor. 2021 is shaping up to be one of the deadliest in American history.

The question is, why is so much violence occurring this year compared to previous years?

Part of the problem might be the liberal attack on law enforcement. Large cities are almost all controlled by Democrats who went on a rampage against police departments, cutting their budgets, decreasing their personnel, and in some cases trying to disband police departments entirely.

It’s almost as if telling killers and gang members that there will be fewer police on the streets and less enforcement of the law that they might take advantage of that situation.

Additionally, it may be that cooping Americans up like chickens during the pandemic and locking people in their homes had a harmful impact mentally on people who are supposed to be free.

According to a quote from ABC, a retired NYPD detective, Robert Boyce, said no one is getting arrested. Here is his quote from ABC,

Nobody is getting arrested anymore. People are getting picked up for gun possession and they’re just let out over and over again.”

Now, let’s take a look at the 12 cities experiencing brutal homicide rates this year and see what party their mayors belong to.

  1. Philadelphia – 521 murders – 46% increase over 2019 – Democrat controlled.
  2. Indianapolis – 246 murders – 44% increase over 2019 – Democrat controlled.
  3. Columbus – 179 murders – 121% increase over 2019 – Democrat controlled.
  4. Louisville – 179 murders – 111% increase over 2019 – Democrat controlled.
  5. Baton Rouge – 134 murders – 91% increase over 2019 – Democrat controlled.
  6. Albuquerque – 99 murders – 22% increase over 2019 – Democrat controlled.
  7. Austin, TX – 88 murders – 175% increase over 2019 – Democrat controlled.
  8. Tucson, AZ – 88 murders – 87% increase over 2019 – Democrat controlled.
  9. Rochester, NY – 78 murders – 144% increase over 2019 – Democrat controlled.
  10. Portland, OR – 72 murders – 100% increase over 2019 – Democrat controlled.
  11. Toledo, OH – 62 murders – 63% increase over 2019 – Democrat controlled.
  12. St. Paul, MN – 35 murders – 25% increase over 2019 – Democrat controlled.

Notice a trend there? All 12 of these cities are controlled by Democrats.

And it isn’t just the Democrat policies in these cities that are problematic for citizens. The constant attack on the right to keep and bear arms is likely going to have a significant impact on crime.

Democrat politicians and weak-kneed Republicans have been pushing the ban of commonly-held firearms, waiting periods, Red Flag Guz Seizure Orders, and other anti-2nd Amendment bills for years. These policies only increase crime.

Criminals don’t follow the law, and therefore gun control only hurts people who actually obey the law. Gun control paves the way for criminals to increase their presence and activities.

Will 2022 get any better? Not likely if Democrat policies continue to run major cities.


  1. I have a partial solution to GUN violence. Next to my bed I have a pellet gun. If anyone breaks into my house I will not have to kill them. I’ll just shot under the hoods and blind them for life. No jail time no liberal judges just blind them for life.

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