Police Say Georgia Shooting of Uber Driver was Self-Defense

Union City, GA: You know, if it weren’t for the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, gun owners who act in self-defense would feel that they can rest safely at night.

But, despite the Rittenhouse verdict, many gun owners might be wondering if they are okay to protect themselves. Perhaps one Georgia gun owner is wondering the same thing after fatally shooting an Uber driver.

Philip Appiah was pronounced dead just outside the Citizens Lanes bowling alley near his vehicle. Appiah was shot by a security guard who was working at the location.

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According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a woman said that her Uber driver seemed very upset and began honking at the other drivers when sitting in the valet line. The driver then asked the woman to get out of the car and began rummaging through the vehicle.

The Uber driver allegedly exchanged gunfire with one of the security guards and was ultimately killed.

One of the other security guards also said he saw the Uber driver shooting at the security guard, who ultimately ended the chaos.

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