Gaetz Files Stand-Your-Ground Bill After 2020 Showed Left Will Always Side with the Mob

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Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has filed a bill, H.R. 6248, called the National Stand-Your-Ground-Act.

Many gun owners are rightfully concerned about their ability to protect themselves in public after the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. However, anyone with half of a brain knew that Rittenhouse should have never been on trial because the video evidence was irrefutable.

Rittenhouse went through that nightmare partly because he was supposed to be an example for the left and because Wisconsin doesn’t have SYG on the books.

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In addition to Rittenhouse, we also saw the McCloskey couple go through hell because they were prepared to defend themselves while on their own property.

The bottom line is, gun owners are under attack, and we need to ensure that we have the best protection possible!

So, what does H.R. 6248 do?

The American Firearms Association has a nice and simple breakdown of the bill. Here is how they describe H.R. 6248:

  1. “Stating that the American people have the right to use deadly force to stop a predator before he can carry out a violent crime that could result in ‘great bodily harm’ or death.
  2. Extending these protections to gun owners who are justified in threatening to use force, but don’t have to use it. In many cases (think Mark McCloskey) criminals run away when they see their target is armed. The law should cover you in that case.
  3. Clarifying that a gun owner who is forced to defend himself or another innocent person, may do so without having to retreat first. Without this language, you could wind up facing the same felony charges that Kyle Rittenhouse did!
  4. Limiting who can use Stand-Your-Ground law as an affirmative defense to those who are not engaged in criminal activity and who are legally present at the time of the use of force, ensuring that criminals can’t use this law as cover in court.”

2nd Amendment Daily News reached out to AFA’s Director of Operations, Aaron Dorr, for a comment on the bill. Here is what Dorr told 2ADN,

With leftist prosecutors all over the country itching to go after good people like Kyle Rittenhouse and Mark and Patricia McCloskey, it’s beyond time for a bill like this to be filed and passed into law! Gun owners are tired of being on the defense and are ready to push to advance their gun rights in 2022!”

The AFA also posted a video that gun owners can watch to hear more about what the bill does and why it is necessary. You can watch that video by clicking the link here.

As for Gaetz, many moderate Republicans will nitpick the bill because he is the sponsor. However, the simple fact remains that they’ve had their chance to stand up for gun owners and have utterly bent and cowered to pressure from the left.

Never forget that during the first years of Trump’s term, these same Republicans had all three branches of the government and did nothing.

So, you may or may not like Gaetz as the primary sponsor, and if you don’t like that he is, reach out to your Congressman and ask why they hadn’t done it before him?

The bottom line is gun owners want results. So at the end of the day, we want politicians who have promised us they would fight for gun owners to follow through on their promises.

Make sure to contact your Congressmen and tell them you want them to co-sponsor H.R. 6248!

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  1. It’s past time that we vet those candidates who say they’ll protect the 2A but once in office they do the opposite, Trumps a perfect example as with bump stocks, I will never vote for him for several reasons and I did twice

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