Portland is so Violent that Leftist Mayor Asks for More Police

The violence in Portland has gotten so bad that even the leftist mayor is asking for 200 more police officers to be hired in the next couple of years.

Why, though, would anyone want to be a cop in Portland, given the hatred for police in the city? Additionally, when police in Portland are not allowed to do their jobs, and instead, the city lets Antifa run rampant, who would want to live there, let alone be a police officer there?

You may remember this is the same mayor who was essentially trapped in his own apartment because of protesters sitting outside his apartment complex.

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After the George Floyd killing, leftist mayors and city council members moved to defund police budgets, and in some cases, they moved to disband police departments altogether. For example, in Minneapolis on election day, voters rejected a proposal to disband the police department completely.

Portland itself is seeing a massive spike in crime, and it’s no wonder the mayor is looking to increase the police force. The crime has gotten so bad that even the FBI says the crime in Portland is way higher than normal.

It’s no wonder why the Portland mayor wants more police in his town.

The real question is, will the mayor let the police do their job? Will he let them get the Antifa thugs under control who continue to harass citizens in Portland?

Never forget that many of these leftist elites, you shouldn’t have a firearm to protect yourself.

Would you work as a Police Officer in Portland? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. The City Government brought this upon the city and themselves. Enjoy your stupidity. Only a fool would be a Police Officer in Portland.

  2. I hope they tell him to fuck off
    They deserve everything they get. Trump offered to help them, the governor told Trump to stay away from his state.
    Fuck him and fuck his city. You made you bed, now lay in it.

  3. Hey Teddy! Why don’t you just take another hit from your bowl, grab your vagina hat and a stuffed toy, and join your other leftist flunkies in a circle jerk while singing kumbaya? You know everything will be just fine once you accomplish this!
    Typical anti-American stupidity from the left, and Portland is jam-packed with these types. Tie the police’s hands when you don’t need them, but as soon as it directly involves you and your socialist dingbats, you’re the first to jump on the pro-police bandwagon and beg for help!
    So glad I left that state many, many years ago before the stupidity got really bad! Oregon will never see another penny from me or my family for as long as I live, far too many other states that are safer and more enjoyable than that shithole where everyone wants to “keep it weird”!

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